Weekend Box Office: 'Kong: Skull Island' Scales $61M for No. 1 Finish
Overseas, the reboot debuts to $81.6 million for a global bow of $142.6 million; 'Logan' falls to No. 2 as it races past $150 million in the U.S.

Warner Bros. and Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island roared louder than expected in its North American box office debut, scaling $61 million from 3,846 theaters to beat Wolverine threequel Logan.

Kong hopes to restore the world’s most famous ape to glory and build a new film franchise, with a Kong v. Godzilla already in the works. The one major caveat: The movie, costing at least $185 million to make before a major marketing spend, will likely need to earn $500 million globally to land in the black.

Well, it’s time for some numbers, though I’m not sure how these figures are determined with Sunday so young.

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15:12 So che questo non è questo tipo di blog, ma sto impazzendo. Non mi piace il mio fisico, sono alta 1,61m e peso 54kg e sono grassa. Non so che fare, assumo 800 kcal al giorno eppure sono così grassa.

Ciao tesoro 🌸
Apro solo una piccola parentesi per dirti che io mio blog è dedicato a tutti coloro che non hanno nessuno che li ascolta, che hanno bisogno di togliersi un peso, di sentirsi capiti e non giudicati.

Ora, torniamo a noi:)
Il peso e l'aspetto esteriore nella nostra società hanno preso sempre più importanza, perché erroneamente si crede che magrezza=bellezza, e bellezza=felicità.
E tutti vogliono essere felici.

Ma, perdere peso in modo “scorretto” è pericoloso.
È pericoloso perché si può cadere nel vortice dei disturbi alimentari, una vera e propria malattia mentale originata da una depressione interiore.
E inizi a mangiare sempre meno, così come le tue forze iniziano a mancare.
Perdi i capelli, i denti diventano trasparenti e le ossa fragili, la pelle asciutta e screpolata, color giallastro.
I tuoi occhi si indossano, il tuo cuore fatica sempre di più a battere, i tuoi muscoli vengono mangiati, e il cervello e gli organi interni si danneggiano.
Hai sempre freddo, i crampi allo stomaco, problemi digestivi.
È terribile, insomma.
Tralasciando tutta la parte che riguarda il MPS in cui la tua mente reagisce.

Quindi, meglio andare sul sicuro.
Fai sport, fai palestra, e mangia sano.
Mangiare sano significa semplicemente eliminare i fritti, le cose unte e ipercaloriche.
Un bel piatto di pasta, di carne, di pesce, con contorno a base di verdure… sono perfetti!

scrivetemi che ore sono e a che cosa state pensando

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Name: martina

Nicknames: most ppl call me martu/marti but any innovation is welcome.

Zodiac: leo

Height: 1,61m

Age: 16

Orientation: lesbian

Ethnicity: i’m a mixed latina, tho most of my family comes from south italy

Favorite Fruit: pears!

Favorite Season: spring

Favorite Flowers: roses or tulips

Favorite Book Series: the saga of the borderlines by liliana bodoc

Favorite Scent: probably vanilla

Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa: coffee!

Cat or Dog Person: cats… cats are celestial beings

Average hours of sleep: between 8 and 10

Favorite Fictional Character: mylene cruz, dizzee kipling, the lightwoods, magnus bane, maia roberts, luke garroway and simon lewis. also clary is becoming one of my faves this season.

OTP: malec, science girlfriends and thor/dizzee.

Dream Trip: i’ve always wanted to make a trip through most latin american countries, and hopefully i’ll do it with some friends when i finish school!

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today in neonecronomics

61m auction scams! money laundering schemes! rare artifacts… cloned! inappropriate messages encoded in mysterious ciphers, users disappeared by the secret police! no one will talk about it

all over a rare, imaginary bead:

just another day in the neodystopian hellscape we all know and love… or is it? and more~

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Name: Adrian 
Nickname: boo, nerd, loser, babe, mijo, uh… idk
Age: 24 
Face-claim: marshall lee and hiccup

Pronouns: he/him/your majesty
Height:  1.61m 
Birthday:  November 5th also known as the devil’s day (not really)
Aesthetic: open laptop, glasses, SPACE,creepy shit 
Last song you listened to: mary did you know

Favourite muse(s) you’ve written: Tony/Anthony Stark ❤, Sebastian Moran ❤ and this asshole tbh.

What inspired you to take on your current muse (that you are posting this on): Tibby (nowyouowemeafavor). They made Lucifer when the show came out and I had my demon muse and like, we started talking about how no one could overpower Lucifer, just God and then they started to tell me about the comics and …yeah, I did the thing.

What are your favourite aspects of your current muse: That he really makes me think before writting? Like with my other muses it was all so easy you feel? But with Adonai, I really need to think what he’s gonna say how is he gonna move! He is a demanding muse but I love that of him. I always have to read stuff and talk to all my partners because he is so damn powerful but also I can’t just go around killing everyone’s muses y’know?

What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing: My partners headcanons and meta posts. Rick Sanchez latetly and obviously the comics.

Favourite types of threads: I love all kind of threads! From crack to super serious dark shit. 

Biggest struggle in regards to your current muse: Intimicay lmao. And…romantic relationships. He is not a being made for that kind of stuff you know? He loves all his creations and other beings on earth and space and existece but he is no boyfriend material. He is a mess but can’t afford being a mess you feel? He is also selfish, prideful and wrathful. He is toxic and he lowkey knows but doesn’t want to admit it. 

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Name: Aleksandra

Nickname: Aleks, Ali

Gender: Gal

Starsign: Scorpio

Height: 1,61m, last time I checked

Sexuality: Pansexual with a strong preference for girls

Favorite animal: SHEEP

Average hours of sleeping: 5-9 hours

Dogs or cats: Dogs look cute, but are scary af when they bark. I go with cats

Number of blankets I sleep with: Usually one

Dream trip: Texas

When I made this account: March 2015? I think? Maybe even earlier?

Why I made this account: I forgot

#of followers: 102 <3

Reasons of my URL: “Kyu” because of “Kyuketsuki” and “ko” because of “neko” and to make it a name. “Chan” is just to make it cuter. It’s a little old, and thus very weeb-ish, but I’ve grown too fond of it to change it now

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Name: Jasmin

Nicknames: Jassi, Ama (due to my online name Amalika :P)

Zodiac Sign: Virgo :D

Height: 1.61m (which is apparently something between 5.2-5.3 feet)

Orientation: heterosexual

Ethnicity: German

Favorite Fruit: Everything that’s ripe and sweet :D I like mango!

Favorite Season: Spring ;o; It’s nice and sunny, not too rainy, warm but not hot! The world wakes up from its slumber :D

Favorite Book: Basically everything from Trudi Canavan and Terry Pratchett I’ve read so far~ The Hunger Games were also really good.

Favorite Flower: Hmmm, I dunno! Every flower is so unique and pretty ovo Bonus points if they have a unique form or bright/intense colors~

Favorite Scent: Pff! Sweet scents I guess? Or delicious food :P

Favorite Color: Red <3 Also colors like pink and purple, but unlike red those two aren’t really in my wardrobe.

Favorite Animal: Cats, dogs, raccons, red pandas? I guess? They’re all cute :D

Favorite Beverage: Water (plain please!) or green tea

Average hours of sleep: I try to get 8 on averaga

Favorite Fictional Characters:

TOO MANY! Please don’t make me choose among all those precious characters q_q Just my Sonic favorites would be too long already… e.g. Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Sticks, Marine, Bunnie… From My Hero Academia I really like Midoriya, Uraraka, Kirishima, and… oh gosh so many! Also Axel from Kingdom Hearts… Tifa from Final Fantasy… Akko from Little Witch Academia… I’ll stop here but it’s many many more xD

Number of Blankets you sleep with: One, but several pillows :P

Dream Trip: I dunno, there’s many places I’d love to see! As long as I have good company I’m good :P Seeing America one day would be cool, though.

Blog Created: A few years ago xD Apparently it was 2012? Jeez, so long ago!

Number of Followers: I have those :P Thanks for sticking with me ;u;

The video has 61M views. I have a feeling that Taylor will break the record again and have the fastest video on YouTube to reach 100M.

Ps: now, it belongs to Psy, he took 3 days to reach.


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Today I went exploring with my dad and sister to this cave called “The Vault”. The Vault is 61m deep and 3m high, except there’s two passages and the left one goes on for longer than that. It was tunnelled out by Rocky Mountain Vaults & Archives in 1969 at the height of the Cold War. If there was a nuclear attack, they would have stored important documents and artwork in this cave, which we found out by reading Gillean Daffern’s Kananaskis Country Trail Guide. Once we got there we found out that The Vault was a lot bigger than we thought it would be, and it turns out there’s a lot of graffiti in there. Some of it was pretty creepy; all the outlines of people reminded me of a crime scene, and the red face looked kinda devilish. Plus we saw some metallic pieces in the rock when our flashlights reflected off of them and it turned out to be a bunch of candles that people had put in the rock wall. At one point we all turned our lights off to see if there would be any light from outside, but since the tunnel curved a few times it was pitch black in there. Anyway, thought you’d find this as interesting and spooky as I did!


Lai King | Hong Kong

Ashley & I set out in the early afternoon Wednesday to find our way to this cemetery that we see from the bus every day on the way to school. We hit 61M and got off on the last stop which happened to be Lai King. Our only intention was to get to this cemetery to see all the activities of the Chung Yeung Festival. We found ourselves lost several times starting off with heading up two wrong mountains, squatting in a bathroom, and being nearly chased out of an open lot by rabid dogs…and running across a busy highway. We were, in short, the modern day Lewis & Clarke