616: Ms. Marvel

“man, that costume is really good, i bet it’s a mckelvie” - me

and I’m normally right. 

just doing a little warm up today of the new Ms. Marvel.

I also learned during this that i have a hard time thinking of shapeshifting in terms other than what I’ve seen clay face do in the batman animated series


Kamala, a second-generation Pakistani-American, isn’t Marvel’s first Muslim superhero, but she is the first to get a solo title — and certainly the first to get the title of Ms. Marvel.

“There’s a burden of representation that comes into play when there aren’t enough representatives of a certain group in popular culture. So the few ones that do exist come under increased scrutiny and pressure, because they’re expected to represent everybody. Obviously, you can’t do that with one character and you shouldn’t, because it would stifle the narrative and prevent them from becoming a fully-realized person. So I think in situations like that, you just have to tread lightly and trust your gut. Kamala is not a token anything in any way. She’s very much her own quirky, unique, wonderful person. She’s not a poster girl for her religion and she doesn’t fall into any neat little box.”

preview of Ms. Marvel #1 + interview with writer G. Willow Wilson