Klance fanfic reclist (oneshots 1)

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Home on a Wave-Cut Cliff (oneshot - 13791 words) by sinelanguage - 30 years after Lance becomes a paladin, he trains an apprentice; Keith doesn’t see the point.

The Hustle (oneshot - 12355 words) by morvish, sinelanguage - When Lance gets injured, Keith has to listen to Lance’s advice over the comms regarding how to flirt with an alien for a mission.

your love is bright as ever (oneshot - 6338 words) by aknightley - Olympics AU; Keith and Lance celebrate Christmas together.

Foundations (oneshot - 13583 words) by needchocolatenow - Keith travels to the island kingdom of Altea with Shiro for Pidge’s graduation ceremony, and he meets Lance.

people like you, people like me (oneshot - 7547 words) by ilgaksu - Featuring Lance and Keith as exes before season 1 begins. Also, there’s a sequel from Keith’s POV.

Everything’s Going To Be Fine Again (oneshot - 16525 words) by hollo - Keith grows closer to Lance after the paladins are reunited, but something’s amiss (warning: explicit descriptions of gore).

Echoes of the Past (oneshot - 28197 words) by Gigapoodle - Shortly after Lance discovers that Keith is a Galra, Keith is captured.

Colours and planes, laser guns and champagne (oneshot - 6112 words) by skelebro (aellos) - Shiro invites Hunk and Lance to his RPG, and Lance is constantly on the verge of fighting Keith.

Take It from Me (oneshot - 9131 words) by onestrangenovelist - Lance kisses Keith and comes to terms with his feelings.

Homecoming (oneshot - 9845 words) by Thesis - Keith has trouble adjusting to earth, Lance tries to deal with Keith, and Shiro is dead.

blaming space (oneshot - 4669 words) by venpast - Lance is sick of space, Keith is sick of fighting, and both of them are lonely.

Thermodynamic Equilibrium (oneshot - 4384 words) by Ikira - Trapped on a hostile alien planet, Keith and Lance have to use their newfound powers to get each other out alive.

kissing 101 (oneshot - 4692 words) by skyestiel - Lance wants to practice kissing to prepare himself for Allura, and Keith volunteers to help.

love, explained (oneshot - 3008 words) by freshia - A classic romance told in snippets.

own little, pack light (oneshot - 12336 words) by lein - Keith character study; trans Keith.

the currents you create (oneshot - 18501 words) by theoddoodisnude - Lance has seasonal affective disorder, and feels homesick.

Block, Punch, Dodge (oneshot - 3354 words) by chasing_the_sterek - Keith and Lance spar, flirt, and have their first kiss.

All In (oneshot - 7320 words) by cheshireree - 5 times Keith carries Lance and one time Lance carries Keith.

To Build A Home (oneshot - 7581 words) by Redburn - Keith comes to terms with his feelings for Lance.

breathless (oneshot - 6369 words) by zxrysky - Shiro’s and Keith’s grandmother warns them not to go out to the sea at night.

Let The Water Lead Us Home (oneshot - 12972 words) by LynnLarsh - Lance is stuck inside a simulation, and Keith is determined to get him out.

Heroes (oneshot - 8463 words) by battleshidge (Amiria_Raven) - Keith is gravely injured, and Lance wonders if heroes are meant to survive.

excelsior (oneshot - 4836 words) by warmth - Some moments between Lance and Keith.

I’m With You (oneshot - 6372 words) by spacegaykogane - Keith and Lance are sent down to a planet to make a treaty, but the mission takes a turn for the worst.

You Dropped a Bomb (oneshot - 8213 words) by quartetship - Lance works at Lush, and Keith is a customer.

Plunged (oneshot - 6359 words) by manamune - In order to make up for a bad joke, Lance teaches Keith how to swim. 

5 signs of Keith falling in love (feat. Lance) (oneshot - 4768 words) by Talinor - Keith and Lance grow closer.

Fire & Ice (oneshot - 10001 words) by wolfgun - The paladins discover that they have elemental powers.

how much do you want it too (oneshot - 11924 words) by attemptsonwords - Keith pines for Lance.

Full Disclosure (oneshot - 7943 words) by @dragonomatopoeia - Keith tries to confess his feelings to Lance, and mostly ends up failing at doing so.

Watching Me (oneshot - 5236 words) by BlueRoboKitty - Keith and Lance pre-canon; lovers-to-enemies.

To Catch A Thief (oneshot - 5176 words) by bolbessa - Lance is an art thief that Keith’s trying to catch.

Hang The DJ (oneshot - 13355 words) by Ehlihr (Elihaha) - 80s high school AU.

The Anime Beach Episode (oneshot - 5462 words) by agalaxywithinyou - Pretty much What It Says On The Tin.

weak link (oneshot - 6249 words) by asexualrey - Lance gets sick.

Nomenclature (oneshot - 6440 words) by saudade (WindedDreams) - Five times Lance introduced himself, and one time he didn’t have to.

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Princess ‘n the kNight

Words: 6112 

Genre: Fluff, Adventure, Modern Fairytale, Royalty/Princess!Au  

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

“Dear lord of heavenly mercy.” The leaves crunch with Yoongi’s footsteps as he looks upon the treetops to recognize the top of a 300 m cowering tower.

“Look! More seeds Yoongi!” Taehyung dashes to a nearby bush.

“Remind me why I came with you again? God.” Yoongi squints as the sun beams down on him, sweat forming.

Taehyung sprints around excitedly and Yoongi follows slowly from behind. “Hey what’s that?” Curiously, Taehyung pushes an ivy wall aside and disappears. Yoongi sighs and chases him down.

“Look hyung!” Taehyung points and Yoongi tilts his head so far back that he almost falls over. A huge stone tower reaching the sun sits in the middle of the forest. “Let’s climb it!”

Taehyung begins to step on some pushed out rocks on the tower. “Uh…how about no.” Yoongi grabs the back of Taehyung shirt and starts dragging him away.

“Aww but hyunnnnnggg.” Taehyung goes limp and starts to whine but Yoongi continues to drag him away from the looming fortress.

“No Taehyung. I stupidly agreed to join you in collecting seeds. We are not climbing a damn tower. Not today boy.” Yoongi’s voice is stern and he lets go of Taehyung. “I’m going home so do whatever you want.” Today was enough sun exposure for him. He was going home and back to bed.

Taehyung drags his feet behind him - following Yoongi, pouting.

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I’ve been in a long distance crush with my Internet friends brother…. We talk every second we can, which isn’t that much as he is 15 time zones away… I don’t think my friend really understands how close we are, but since I’m turning 17 soon, I’ve been saving to fly and see them…