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0-9: 60thparallelsouth

i dont even think you guys understand how hard this was to make

and i will most definitely add more to it

love you all

60thparallelsouth replied to your post: this is the third night in a row where i’m going…

what was your mum like when blair was actually in power D:

omg i only just saw this but once david blunkett came to open the church centre round the corner and she got in a row with the vicar

and she said “I mean you’d have to be blind not to see how rubbish new labour are” and we got banned from the church centre and as we were walking out she said “i’m a catholic actually so it’s not like i care”

once she told me that her bank wrote to her asking her to pay her overdraft back and she wrote back saying she would when they wrote off mexican debt

my parents met at a poll tax protest which says a lot really