60th floor

me, wearing a deep red velvet ballgown, sitting in the executive chair with my bare feet up on the table of a conference room located on the 60th floor of the most expensive high rise in new york, looking at the chairs occupied by the worlds most respected media critics, letting the johnlock kiss play on loop on a 110 inch tv inch screen behind me, holding a champagne glass: take a fucking sip babes


So I made more gifs…now there really is almost nothing left to create from this game.

  1. Reactor Number 1 Walkway
  2. Reactor Number 5
  3. Lower Sector 4 Plate Walkway
  4. Midgar Reactor 8 Inside
  5. Midgar Reactor 8 Source
  6. Shinra Bldg. 60th Floor elevator
  7. Shinra Bldg. 60th Floor
  8. Shinra Bldg. 63th Floor
  9. Shinra Bldg. 65th Floor

Final Fantasy 7 Background Gifs. 1/3

Solitary Confinement
Chase Tower 60th floor Sky Lobby
12 Aug 15 - Houston, Texas

These pics are my  Point of View   I just wanna make art.

My camera and I want to share how we see the world. All photos are mine. 
I shoot travel, street, and art photography. Wildlife and astrophotography  find their way into the mix. I use a Nikon D7200 or a small Fuji X30 depending on my subjects.
Homegrown Texas boy who’s seen the world and wants to show you mine.