These photos were taken at a party thrown the night Batman 1966 premiered on television and, for whatever reason, Burgess was the only person from the cast to attend…along with Batman creator, Bob Kane. (Side note: I saw where someone recently posted a couple of photos from this evening and without any caption at all…so instead of hijacking their post, I just had to share a few of my original photographs from this party.)

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.


On the 28th January this year, a professional hero of mine, Michael Rainey passed away. I only found out this week, just by chance. Michael Rainey was a designer and owner of the boutique, Hung On You in the mid sixties, but where as lots of other designers of the era are household names, Michael Rainey seems to have been overlooked. 

Both George and John were fans of his clothing - George’s purple jacket in the top photos was a Hung On You jacket - worn a lot by George in 1966 and famously for the Sgt. Pepper launch part in 1967. (John had the same jacket in red. Also, I think there’s a fair chance the tie sported by Ringo in that photo is Hung On You too). 

From his new Beatle affiliation he was asked to design the suits for the Beatles 1966 tour, which were the pale blue pinstripe worn by George and the black and green suit worn by Paul here. (Note the cut out cuff on George’s sleeve - that was so they could play guitar easier). This was an important departure from the Beatles previously very uniform, Dougie Millings style look - the trousers are wider (no longer drainies!), colour has arrived (previously all the suits were pretty much black, grey, navy, etc) and the psychedelic, hippy fashions of the late sixties are definitely in the post! 

Verifying all this info is very difficult [Fab Gear, thank you Mr. Hewitt!] and Michael Rainey seems to get pretty much zero credit in something I think is quite an important part of the Beatles fashion history and mid sixties look. They played their last stadium shows in Michael Rainey suits. 

RIP Michael Rainey, I wish there were more designers like you still today. (Longer, better post coming later). 


John Lennon’s Hur Coat. 

“In the spring, March, the time of beginning, they were married. On the Rock of Gibraltar, one of the world’s more significant monuments. “It’s quiet, British and friendly,” John said when asked why an hour later in Paris. They were married in a white stone house, both wearing white tennis shoes and John carrying a coat of human hair.”

[Rolling Stone Magazine]

I’m always surprised that a lot of Beatle fans haven’t heard about John’s ‘Hur’ Coat. I always through it was a John ‘thing’, like his round granny specs or Beatle boots in the early days. 

John’s ‘hur’ coat - a play on the Scouse pronunciation of ‘hair’ and, obviously, ‘fur’ was big, black, shaggy and… eww. Despite what the article above makes out, I don’t think he chose to wear the coat for very long as very few pictures or references to it exist. However, he did have it with him on one auspicious occasion - his marriage to Yoko on the 20th March, 1969. Although he didn’t wear it for the actual ceremony and Gibraltar wedding photographs, he wore it for the journey they made afterwards to Paris and the Plaza Athénée hotel for phase one of their honeymoon - as seen in the photos above. 

Needless to say, I don’t think the ‘hur’ coat is one sixties fashion trend that took off!