my doctor’s office is a pokestop and I mentioned it to the receptionists and explained what it meant and they were so excited. I planted a lure because I was gonna be there awhile and a fearow showed up and this like 60-year-old woman asked if she could watch me catch it so she got up from her desk to come watch me catch a fearow this game is so fucking cute

Elsa Martinelli with one eyelid painted in a check design, the face of a woman from the year ‘2000’ ! The concept is by 'Pablo’ an Italian 'face designer’ working for cosmetic company Elizabeth Arden in New York.
August 14, 1965.


“Crying” by Roy Orbison

Crying (1962)

So what the fuck monkey’s paw deal did we get to get this fucking year

“You’ll get a true AR version of Pokemon, and the most popular shooter game in the world will be a colorful light-hearted superhero game featuring a 60 year old Muslim woman who fights terrorism, among other amazing characters. The Supreme Court will make a landmark ruling on abortion in favor of the pro-choice camp.”

“However, Donald Trump will run for president, dozens of beloved celebrities will die young, violence in the US against minorities will surge out of control, crazed right wing terrorism will emerge practically everywhere, and the U.K. will collapse into a black hole of xenophobia and racism that might take the rest of the EU with it.”

“But you’ll have Pokemon!!!”