60s stars

Conservatives from the 60s: I can’t watch Star Trek, I don’t want to watch an asian man or a black woman in a professional role on my TV! Damn liberals! I can’t watch a show that promotes integration!

Conservatives in 2017: I can’t watch Star Trek, I don’t want to watch an asian woman captain or a black lead actress on my TV! Damn sjws! I can’t watch a show that promotes racial diversity!

Marilyn Monroe photographed on July 13th 1962 by George Barris.

“I recall the time where she - it was getting dark practically, very little light and she was on the sand there - the beach was practically deserted, I gave her this blanket to cover her - her legs with to keep warm and she was freezing and she says to me
"George” she says “George I’m really frozen” and I said “Marilyn I only have one roll of film left in the camera, let me make that one picture of you and let’s call it a day and start again tomorrow.” and she says “okay” and she puckered up her lips as if she was going to blow me a kiss and she said “George this is just for you” and it was a beautiful picture. Unfortunately it was the last picture I ever took of her.“ - Photographer George Barris talking about the last ever picture he took of Marilyn, this was also her last professional photograph.

Admiral Syndulla

I feel like Hera would be a part of any form of resistance, and since the war never actually ends but only changes, she’d continue fighting and rising though the ranks. So here she is, sequel trilogy era. A bit banged up from decades of fighting, but still wholly capable.

To recruits, she is known as a serious and humorless hard ass. Their veteran peers happily share that they are far more likely to gain her respect than they are of her droid.