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“This was taken during the filming of the documentary Groupies. The crew set up camp in my hippie pad. They didn’t include a whole lot of footage of me because I wouldn’t dish the dirt like some of the others. I was seeing Jimmy Page at the time and wanted to remain ‘discreet!’” - Pamela Des Barres talking about her participation during the filming of Groupies music documentary. 


The ‘Alexa Chung’ 60s look by Lisa Eldridge

Modernizing: The '60s (Makeup Edition)

The ‘60s was such a wonderful decade in fashion. Girls went from wearing knee length dresses, to completely short mini dresses & a much more experimental way of dressing. Girls went from simple elegant everyday makeup, to bright and bold colors! It was beautiful! This blog is dedicated to helping you recreate your favorite decades style, in a modern way. Here is a post of modernizing '60s makeup for an everyday look! Before we start, let me give you an overview of how everything was in the 60s

Lets start off with the makeup! Makeup in the '60s was bold. It revolved around huge lashes, winged eyeliner, bold colors, etc!

Lashes & Mascara:

False eyelashes were the fashion accessory of the ’60s (from about 1964 on) and fashionable girls wore them everyday. Some even wore two sets.


  • Lashes (both upper and lower) came on a long strip that you cut to length, or else as ready-to-wear individual sets.
  • The strip that bottom lashes came on could be annoying, so girls would cut them into smaller pieces.
  • Lashes mainly came in black and brown, but could be decorated with rhinestones and glitter. (FUN)
  • Mascara could be bought in a tube with a wand applicator, having been invented in the 1950s. Block mascaras were still used as well.
  • Block mascaras were activated with water or, more realistically, spit, and mixed with the little brush that came with it. Max Factor’s block mascara could really be built up.
  • There was also cream mascara in a tube that came with a little wand brush. Some products were waterproof, others were not.



  • Powder eye shadows were matte. You could also get eye crayons and liquid eye makeup in a tube.
  • The mod eye makeup look, usually worn by Twiggy, was the distinctive black eye shadow line in the crease with a pale eye lid. 
  • The fashionable dark crease line was left as a sharp definite line – it wasn’t blended or smudged at all – and was applied in an arch from inner eye to outer eye.

  • Eye liner came in pencil, cake and liquid formats in a variety of colors.
  • If someone didn’t have an actual eye liner, block mascara or Max Factor’s Pan-Cake (black was no. 2880!) were good substitutes.
  • If false lashes were worn, eye liner could be used to cover over the edge of the lash strip.
  • Eye liner could be used to paint on bottom lashes (like Twiggy was sometimes seen with).


  • Corals, pinks and peach were the fashionable colors, as well as beige-pink nudes.
  • Reds, pinks and browns were still available, being fashionable at the start of the decade and coming back in towards the late ’60s.
  • Traditional lipsticks were mainly matte (though Vaseline could be used to add a sheen if really wanted).
  • Quite a few pictures in makeup adverts and fashion magazines show models wearing a soft red color on their top lip and candy pink on the bottom lip.
  • Lipsticks came in the standard tube and the lipstick was generally rounded at the tip, shaped like a bullet. Long slim tubes were a fashionable design. Lip brushes could also be used to apply the lipstick.


'60s makeup is really coming back in style, and these celebs rock it like there’s no tomorrow! Celebs ranging from Ariana Grande, to Lana Del Rey have all sported the '60s look! Here are some way to modernize it just like they have done! 

Twiggy Eyelashes:

Instead of using huge false lashes, and drawing your bottom lashes to get the twiggy effect, you can do it in a more toned down way for an everyday look! Apply a few coats of mascara to your top and bottom lashes, but make sure they don’t look spidery! That will cause them to look fake, and unnatural at all. Remember, you’re going for the '60s look, but you don’t want strange stares everywhere you go if you go full out with the Twiggy lashes.

Video Tutorials:

Winged Eyeliner:

Winged eyeliner is always in style, the good thing is that it’s still in style no matter how thin or thick you decide to do it! Obviously in the '60s, they liked a pretty thick and bold winged eye, and fortunately it’s appropriate in modern times!  Using a gel or liquid eyeliner, carefully draw a thin (or thick) line, starting from the front of your eye, and extend it out, and upwards creating a 'cat eye’ or a winged line.

Video Tutorials: 

And thats it! This is pretty much the basics, and key points for a '60s inspired makeup look, the lipstick colors and foundation choices are all up to you!

Any questions, feel free to drop me an ask!