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weird movie masterpost pt. 1

House (1977) - a girl brings her friends to visit her aunt and it doesn’t go well with really beautiful special effects

Fantastic Planet (1973) - a human enslaved by aliens sets forth a revolution in this strange animated film

An Optical Poem (1938) - no plot? no problem! just some super trippy circles to classical music

Begotten (1991) - not for the faint of heart or the strong of heart proceed with caution 

Un Chien Andalou (1929) - a classic surrealist film written by one the kings of weird salvador dalì  

Les Escargots (1965) - starts out with a pretty basic plot but then takes a weird turn

Les Dents du Singe (1960) - this animated feature follows a man who sells his teeth to a corrupt dentist

Suspiria (1977) - an american at a prestigious german ballet school notices strange behavior in its staff with an awesome soundtrack

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The Beatles and Brian Epstein (and Brian’s butler/housekeeper - I think) getting ready and having breakfast at Whaddon House before they go to to collect their MBEs on the 26th October 1965. The last photo is credited by Getty as the Beatles in the lift at Whaddon House, on their way to the palace. 

Pics: Philippe Le Tellier / Getty Images / Mirrorpix 

the best cure for being miserable is the misery of someone you hate. or puppies.

Cité Curial-Michelet Housing Complex, Paris, France.

(Arch. André Coquet, 1966-69)

Photo by Carlos Traspaderne with Hasselblad 500 C/M & Ilford film.


Remembering Brian Epstein, 50 years after his death. (19th September 1934 – 27th August 1967). 

“Brian Epstein is so crucial. Right up to the weekend he died, the four Beatles were closer than ever. Even when they weren’t working, they still wanted to spend all their time together. (Like John said in 1967, in Hunter Davies’s The Beatles: “We have met some new people since we’ve become famous, but we’ve never been able to stand them for more than two days.”) Yet as soon as Epstein died — only 32, while all four lads were away, spending their holiday weekend together in Wales with the Maharishi — they couldn’t figure out how to get along anymore. Nobody could replace him emotionally. So strange to think how young he’d still be today, in a world that is completely different because he made everybody else fall in love with his Beatles fantasy.”

[Rob Sheffield, Los Angeles Review of Books, 12th August 2017]

Brian pictured for the Evening Standard newspaper on the 27th July 1964 at his home, the top floor flat of Whaddon House, William Mews, London. Brian lived here from late 1963 until December 1964. 

Thank you Brian for bringing us the world’s greatest band. You were gone too soon. 

Pics: Evening Standard / Getty Images.

The House of the Rising Sun
The Animals
The House of the Rising Sun


The House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals

Legend has it that 50 years ago today The Animals recorded their legendary cover of the English folk piece “The House of the Rising Sun”

A note on the album. I believe on The Animals’s American debut album (shown above) the song is shorter. I’m posting the long version which was introduced in later compilation albums