60s halloween

What kind of Halloween are you?:

50s Halloween: Going to the drive-in on a cool October night. Flickering black and white movies. The neon-lights of a diner, shining over a sidewalk covered in fallen leaves. Teenage rockabilly werewolves. Bed sheet ghosts. Smoking housewives, all prettied up to hand out candy.

60s Halloween: Chic, mini-skirt wearing girls wandering through haunted houses. Faded VW bugs parked next to old cemeteries. Vampire mistresses with straight black hair, wearing cat-eye liner. Dead Man’s Curve. LSD on Hallow’s Eve.

70s Halloween: Colorful vaccuform-masks. Black streets lined with Jack-O-lanterns and muscle cars. Long haired, bell bottomed teens blaring Black Sabbath. Marijuana smoke intermingling with the smell of dead leaves. Science Fiction. Double Feature. Masked killers waiting for their chance.

80’s Halloween: Eight-bit skeletons on vintage arcade games. Groups of adventurous twelve year olds looking for monsters. The glow of a flashlight cutting through a gnarled forest. Fooling around with a ouija board as The Smith’s play softly on tape. Goth kids holding candlelight vigil.