60s food

In Spain, no matter the bill, it’s common to tip 2 Euros. (About $2.00)… my brothers and I went to this place and ordered about $60 worth of food, and we tipped 8 Euros. When this beautiful butcher saw the tip, he grabbed a pan and called out to his fellow workers and they all grabbed pans…and then this happened.

Black Puddings

These pleasant sausages are generally only obtainable commercially, and are not particularly exciting in flavour, but if anyone has the desire (or the facilities) to make one’s own, this Irish recipe shows the way.

2 pints pigs blood
1 teaspoonful salt
½ pint (1 ¼ cups) milk
1 ¼ lb. (3 cups) lard
½ lb. onions
1 ½-2 lb. (4-5 1/3 cups) oatmeal
mixed spices

Take the blood when the pig is killed and stir it till is is almost cold. Then add salt, stirring till this dissolves. Strain the blood, adding the milk. Chop up the leaf lard, chop and parboil the onions, and mix them with toasted coarse oatmeal. Stir all this into the blood, seasoning to taste with mixed spices. Put the sausage-meat into skins, prick them all over with a darning-needle and boil for 30 minutes, pricking again after the first 5 minutes. Hang them up in a cool dry place: they are then grilled or fried when wanted.

I must admit I love black pudding. Nothing bland about it. My father used to fry it up for him and me for a weekend breakfast, while my brothers looked on in horror. Such fussy wusses they were.

The International Wine and Food Society’s Guide to Meat, 1968, Ambrose Heath.