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Hey,in your post about "you've got to hide your love away" you say something about john and paul kissing, sleeping together and paul who dont take it serious. can you explain it for me? please. 🌺 (Ñ English isn't my first language sorry if something is wrong )

English is not my first language too so don’t worry i don’t care,…you mean this post right?

Talking about ‘You’ve got to hide your love away’ I wrote this:

I’m not denying that this song wasn’t written for Brian, I believe John wrote it after the ‘strong’ experience he had with him in Spain. I also believe that John tried to identify himself with Brian and his very difficult life at the time as homosexual. Said that, after John had that experience with Brian, in which he probably confessed him how hard it was to be homosexual in the 60s, he internalized those feelings and wrote this song not really as a tribute to him, but as a confession of someone who is in love with somebody and doesn’t know what to do cause he’s afraid people will condamn him forever.  

John was married with Cynthia, he had no reason to hide his love away. If the song was entirely for Brian, he wouldn’t have written such an intimate song, he would have written a song in third person, or create a character as he often did.

In this song he’s struggling with HIS feelings, not somebody else’s. That’s why I firmly believe that the Spain holiday opened his eyes about his relationship with Paul. A relationship that in 1965 was still considered by both of them (but mostly Paul) as a joke, something both of them experienced during that time (sleeping in one bed, kissing during recordings..) but hadn’t the courage to admit it to each other. They were still in their own bubble, but while Paul was cleverly ignoring it, pretending it was just a friendship, it was John who started questioning it openly, worried about his feelings and what they might lead to, one day.

In the last part what I mean is that during the early 60s both John and Paul were living the excitement and the bright side of their fame and their relationship, but without questioning it.

In 1980 John compared his relationship with Paul during that time to the early stage of marriage and sex:

In a marriage, or a love affair – when the seven-year-itch or the twelve-year or whatever these things that you have to go through – there comes a point where the marriage collapses because they can’t face that reality, and they go seeking what they thought they should be having, still, somewhere else. If I get a new girl, it’ll all be like that again; if I get a new boy… But for all marriages, all couples, it’ll all be the same again. But what you lose is what you put into that… relationship. The early stuff – the Hard Day’s Night period, I call it – the early period, was the early equi– se– what I’m – what I’m equating it to is the sexual equivalent of the beginning of a relationship. Of people in love. And the Sgt. Pepper-Abbey Road period was the period of maturity in the relationship. And maybe, had we gone on together, maybe something more interesting would have come out of it. It would not have been the same. It would have been a different thing. But maybe it wouldn’t either. Maybe it was a marriage that had to end. Some marriages don’t get through that phase. It’s hard to speculate about what would have been. “ John, September 1980 - Playboy Interview.

During that time, the A Hard Day’s night period, the Help! period, John and Paul spent countless time together, for example, when they were on tour they always slept together, like Bob Bonis said in an interview:

Did The Beatles get on each other’s nerves a lot? They were always so closely confined in their hotel rooms?“

“No. It was surprising. They always had a suite. George and Ringo stayed together in one room, and John and Paul in the other bedroom, and a big, big room in between.

- Gary James’ Interview With The Beatles’ Road Manager Bob Bonis.

Also Paul has confessed it many many times during his interviews.(an example here)

During the Think for Yourself session  you can hear them kissing

This was the early stage of their relationship, as John also explained, there was excitement, there was fun, there was the joy of the fame, but on another hand both of them didn’t know what the hell was going on, and didn’t bother to discuss it. It wasn’t just a friendship, and they knew it, but they both were too afraid to confess it to each other, and Paul more than John.

They didn’t talk, they didn’t express the feelings they had for each other. The only time that this happened was in Florida in 1964 while they were on tour, when they got drunk and confessed how much they loved and needed each other. This is the famous story that inspired ‘Here Today’ lines “what about the night we cried, because there wasn’t any reason left to keep it all inside" .

I believe that this period was the most intense for both of them, but they didn’t acknowledge it, all the things that happened, the confession, the kiss, sleeping together, and God knows how many other things,…were never really discussed.

John and Paul were in love with each other, but they their relationship in a very different way: Paul didn’t like to express his feelings, he preferred to deny, to not give John too much for a couple of reasons: afraid of the social/historical enviroment in which they lived and afraid of their career.  Also, Paul was overconfident, I believe he was 100% sure John would have always been there for him, and always loved him, no matter what, that’s why he was so shocked when Yoko took his role in John’s life. He took his relationship with John for granted, he knew that John needed him, and that’s why sometimes he was pretentious enough to reject him.

John was more open, more honest and didn’t think about the risks. That’s why the ‘Dylan period’, gave him the opportunity to write more personal stuff, like ‘You’ve got to hide your love away’.

This way of dealing with each other feelings was their major flaw, because they never really talked about their feelings and what they had for each other and it brought to such huge misunderstandings that later caused their break up.

Just a little example of how these issues they had were never discussed and brought to misunderstandings and later to a break up: Michael Lindsay Hogg (the man who directed both “Let it Be” and “Two of Us”) secretly recorded John, Paul, Yoko, Linda, and Ringo talking while they were filming “Let it Be”. One day, January 13th 1969, John and Paul have an argument, and John brought up an old discussion they had, when John asked Paul “do you like me?” and Paul never gave him and answer.

JOHN: Because you–‘cause you seem to have got it all, you see.


JOHN: I know that, because of the way I am, like when we were in Mendips, like I said— “Do you like me?” Or whatever it is. I’ve always–uh, played that one. So.

PAUL: Yeah.

John has always played ‘that one’, who questioned their relationship, who talked freely about his feelings to Paul, and who asked for an answer, that Paul never had the courage to give him, and will regret it only after 1980.

D&D Curses

There are initially four different ways to use the Bestow Curse spell in D&D 5e. Those are as follows:

  • Disadvantage on ability checks and saves for one ability score
  • Disadvantage on attacks against you
  • WIS save or do nothing during a given round
  • +1d8 necrotic damage when you damage them

The spell normally lasts for a minute, but if cast with a 9th level slot, it lasts until dispelled, which is worth noting because the best curses last until dispelled. if cast with a 4th level slot, it lasts for 10 minutes. A 5th level slot is 8 hours. A 7th level slot is 24 hours. These all have their uses for creative players, but the best part of the spell by far is the encouragement to invent your own curses, which many players and DMs have taken as a challenge for their own creativity. So while it is certainly not new, it’s my turn to take a crack at it!

Unique Curses

* - A curse marked with an asterisk is a 9th-level only curse due to its powerful detriment or long-lasting nature. But who is to stop you from enchanting an innocuous item with such a curse?

  • Hair Growth/Loss: You are cursed to grow hair at a rapid rate for the duration of the curse or else lose all of your hair (it grows back after the curse ends).
  • Mute/Deaf/Blind: You are rendered either mute, deaf, or blind for the duration of the curse.
  • Forbidden Speech: You are cursed to never speak about a certain subject, topic, or word for the duration of the curse.
  • *Rapid Aging/Deaging: You are cursed to either age by one year each day, or to grow one year younger each day. After you reach your final day, you die.
  • *Phylactery: Your fate becomes tied to a creature or object. If the creature or object is slain/destroyed, you die as well.
  • Ugliness: You are cursed with horrible deformity for the duration of the curse. You have -5 on Persuasion checks and Deception checks for the duration and are easily noticed and shunned by most humanoids of any race.

image source: Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

  • Possessed Limb: One of your limbs (usually an arm) acts on its own for the duration of the curse, usually attempting to harm its host, harm others, or sow chaos.
  • Petrified Limb: One of your limbs becomes petrified and is unable to be used for the duration of the curse. It could turn into any solid mineral like stone, iron, glass, salt, or gold. Any damage it takes is retained once the curse is lifted.
  • Funny Looking: For the duration of the curse, anyone who you attempt to communicate with bursts into uncontrollable laughter. This does not prevent hostile creatures from attacking you, but prevents them from speaking.
  • Lichsight: For the duration of the curse, you can see the spirits of the dead. Whether real or illusory, you cannot communicate with them and you must make a WIS saving throw each round or become frightened and run in a random direction or cower in place (50%/50%).
  • Butterfingers: Each round while the curse is active, you must make a DEX saving throw. On a failed save, you drop whatever you are holding and cannot pick up or hold anything for the rest of the round.
  • Forgetful: You have a tendency to forget things. During the curse, whenever new information is revealed to your character, you have a 50% chance to not be able to remember it, even after the curse has ended.
  • *Lady of Shalott: You are doomed to die if you ever lay eyes directly upon another being, and must therefore look at the world through a mirror and avoid direct sight of others. The difficulty of maneuvering a hand mirror or the necessity to close your eyes effectively makes you blinded while in combat, imposing disadvantage on attack rolls.
  • Stingy: During the curse, you must make a WIS saving throw whenever you intend to part with money. On a failed save, you opt not to spend your money on it. You cannot make another such save for the same purchase, even from a different seller.
  • Empty Coinpurse: You are compelled to buy things until all of your wealth has disappeared. You will even go so far as to barter your own goods once out of money. Whenever you find something for sale, you must make a WIS saving throw. On a failed save, you will do anything you can to attempt to purchase it or trade for it. Only if the seller refuses three times will you give up.
  • *Baleful Polymorph: You are transformed into a small creature or tiny animated object for the duration of the curse. You retain the ability to speak using a disembodied voice emanating from the creature or object, usually paired with animation like a moving mouth (if a creature) or a mouth-shaped part (if an object; like a book opening and closing its covers and such). You can move with a move speed of 10 ft. per round if an object.

image source: Star vs. the Forces of Evil 

  • Talking Tumor: You grow a tumor-like second head that can speak that embarrasses, berates, or otherwise annoys and inconveniences you. It has +6 for Persuasion, Deception, and Intimidation checks, helping it be a complete jerk.
  • Evil Aura: Plants within 15 ft. of you wilt and turn brown or gray and animals within 60 ft. feel afraid or threatened by you for the duration of the curse.
  • Bad Taste: Eating food or drinking water causes you to become poisoned for 1d6 hours, or for the duration of the curse.
  • Bad Luck: Whenever you have advantage for the duration of the curse, you instead have disadvantage.
  • *Prophecy: You become destined to die under certain circumstances. Whenever it is possible for those circumstances to be met, you must make a relevant saving throw (falling boulder? DEX save. Poisoned apple? CON save. etc.) or begin dying. The victim cannot be threatened by the curse more than once every 2d4 hours. The curse will take increasingly convoluted measures to try and make the prophecy come true the longer the curse lasts.
  • *Guardian: The victim is polymorphed into a hostile creature of CR 6 or less. The victim is given some sort of command like guarding a location or spreading suffering, and will continue to do so until the curse is lifted or they are slain. They revert to their regular form if they are slain. The victim cannot communicate and is hostile to all creatures. The creature becomes immune to the charmed condition.

image source: Sleeping Beauty by Henry Meynell Rheam

  • Slumber: You fall into a deep slumber and cannot be awoken until the curse is lifted.
  • Eternal Rest: If slain while under the curse, you cannot be resurrected by any means even after the curse fades.
  • Phantasm: You believe that you have been polymorphed into a small creature (like a toad or chicken) and act as such for the duration of the curse.
  • Unquenchable Thirst/Hunger: You feel eternally hungry and thirsty. You must make a WIS saving throw whenever you encounter food or drink, no matter how dangerous or questionable it might be (swamp water, obviously poisoned food, moldy bread, etc.). On a failed save, you consume it.
  • *Obedience: Whenever someone you can understand issues a verbal command to you while you are cursed, you are compelled to obey. You may attempt a WIS saving throw to resist a given command for one minute.

Hold your tongue! (Ella Enchanted)

  • Magical Immunity: You become immune to nonharmful spells for the duration of the curse. Spells cast by enemies or damaging spells still affect you, but healing spells and buffs do not.
  • Unhealing Wound: A wound you have will never heal. Your maximum hit points are reduced by 2d4+the caster’s spellcasting modifier. This curse cannot reduce a creature’s health to 0 in this way.
  • *Wandering: While under the effects of the curse, you are compelled to wander. Each day at dawn, you must leave and never return to the same city/town or 2.5 mile radius (if in the wilderness).
  • *Deadly Descendants: All of your descendants are cursed to kill their birth parents, whether intentionally or not.
  • *Lonliness: You are cursed to die alone. Anyone you become romantically close to or close friends eventually leaves or dies or meets a horrible fate.
  • *Gargoyle: You are petrified during the daytime and return to normal at night for the duration of the curse.
  • Voyager: You cannot set foot on dry land for the duration of the curse, taking 1d6 psychic damage each round that you do.

Removing Curses

Yes, there’s always a Wish spell or a Remove Curse spell, but I often believe that if any cleric can remove a curse it undercuts the drama of the punishing spell. Instead, use an alternative way to remove the curse. Most of it depends on how the curse was placed and the reasoning behind it. For instance, if you refuse to give a gypsy shelter from the cold in your luxurious castle, you might get transformed into a beast until someone falls in love with you. Here are some ways that one could feasibly break a curse (if the situation allows).

  • Give back an item that was stolen from the caster
  • Complete a quest or mission for the caster
  • Kill the caster
  • Pass the curse onto someone else (through some deliberate means like a handshake or kiss or losing a wager)
  • Seek out a powerful extraplanar being
  • Seek out special magical ingredients for a cure
  • Find a loophole in the wording of the curse (either through tricky wording or by finding a liminal loophole. “No man of woman born” could exclude a man born by C-section. “Neither day nor night” could exclude twilight)
  • Change your alignment (an evil or chaotic character learns to be good or lawful.)
  • Change your ideal or traits after learning some sort of lesson
  • Overcome one of your flaws.
  • Let the curse run its course instead of fighting it.
  • Find true love/True love’s kiss etc.
  • Prove your worth to the caster
  • Atone for past sins
  • Selflessly risk your life for someone else
  • Convert a creature to worshiping the caster’s deity
  • Avenge the caster

image source: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Feel free to use this list and add to it your own ideas for curses! There are so many possibilities that it’s never out of the question to find a new curse that uses arbitrary magical rules to drive the plot of a story. I guess that makes curses the sitcoms of the fantasy world.

I didn’t see a version that included the sad Delia spotting Patsy, and that was just as important.

At this point I feel like they’re gonna do an E True Hollywood story on this lol

The recovery heard ‘round the world
Writing Prompts

Send me a number and any specific details you might like to see included.

1. Can you just back off?
2. I’m right here, okay? You’re all right.
3. Lock the door.
4. Keep it up and see what happens.
5. Don’t touch me right now.
6. That lipstick’s not gonna stay put for long.
7. Baby, just breathe.
8. This is a terrible idea.
9. For fuck’s sake, just shut up.
10. It’s too early for this.
11. If you keep squeezing that hard, you’ll break my hand.
12. I’m just stressed.
13. What did you break?
14. It’s four A.M.
15. I don’t need you anymore.
16. What an interesting conclusion.
17. And now you’re naked. Okay.
18. What are you wearing?
19. You’re overreacting.
20. I can’t believe you don’t even know my eye color.
21. And you thought I’d be okay with that?
22. You can’t keep doing this.
23. I’m so sorry. I can’t even tell you how sorry I am.
24. Why do you smell like smoke?
25. Why do you smell like a walking liquor bar?
26. Why do you smell like perfume?
27. Is there someone else? Don’t lie.
28. You took advantage of me.
29. If you think you’re getting out of this that easily, you’re sadly mistaken.
30. You put us both in danger.
31. I don’t understand you.
32. You’re just asking for it.
33. I could just choke you right now.
34. You are everything to me.
35. This is gonna hurt.
36. I don’t deserve this.
37. You can’t just fix everything with a kiss. This isn’t a booboo.
38. Can you slow down?
39. It feels deeper this way.
40. Did you just stick your fingers in my mouth?
41. Your family is in the other room!
42. I’m begging you.
43. Hey, you’re safe now. It’s over.
44. Where is all of my underwear?
45. I almost died.
46. This isn’t just one of your little jokes.
47. What did you do to your hair?
48. You’re scaring me.
49. I think I drank too much.
50. Well, this was unexpected.
51. It’s too late for that.
52. I didn’t mean to hurt you.
53. It’s your birthday. It is your birthday, right?
54. You’re just gonna leave me here?
55. That’s mine. You’re not taking it.
56. You made that more sexual than it should have been.
57. I’m not just gonna wait around for you.
58. That’s my only clean shirt.
59. Did you use my cologne? You smell like me.
60. I feel like I might be sick.
61. I can’t believe you would do this.
62. Don’t underestimate me. I’m a seasoned pro.
63. Your mom says differently.
64. Did you steal this?
65. I thought I lost you.
66. I think you need a shower.
67. Call an ambulance.
68. I can’t talk about this anymore.
69. Can you put your mouth here?
70. You taste like toothpaste.
71. A little manky-panky.
72. I’m going to absolutely wreck you.
73. Don’t ever say that again.
74. I don’t really care what you think.
75. I can’t do that.
76. This is a train wreck.
77. Do you need some tissues?
78. You can fuck right off.
79. You’re still gonna go, aren’t you?
80. I cannot believe you forgot. This was important to me.
81. If you buy that, I’m leaving you.
82. Can we just start fresh?
83. Don’t forget the condoms!
84. I feel like I’ve been split in two.
85. I’ve never felt anything like that.
86. You’re driving me mad.
87. This is completely different.
88. Can you believe the moon tonight?
89. Wait, why are you crying?
90. You’re making this hard for me.
91. I hope you rot in hell.
92. I think you’re an angel.
93. Do this for me and I’ll do anything you want.
94. I’m gonna take good care of you.
95. Let’s see what you’ve got.
96. I went easy on you.
97. I’m getting better, right?
98. Read my fucking lips.
99. You make me happy.
100. I can feel your heart beating.

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Au where BTS is a Track team. As Jimin runs by Jin (or the other way around) he says "Damn that ass." They could also come in second to check out the person head of them. What do you think about this.

Jimin: Well anon.. Jin hyung and I weren’t in track but..

Jimin: Ahh yes good times..