60s concert poster

🌸🌼🌺anybody and everybody is free to participate in this if you want! Share the peace and love and rock and roll man 🌺🌼🌸 

 July 1st- draw your 1967 self! 

  July 2nd- Draw your favorite California psychedelic rock band 

 July 3rd- Draw something inspired by a psychedelic song 

  July 4th- Draw Haight-Ashbury in its prime (bonus points for Beatles references) 

 July 5th- Redesign a 1967 album cover 

 July 6th- Draw something inspired by the album “incense and peppermint” by Strawberry alarm clock 

 July 7th- Draw the Beatles in flower crowns trying to put one on George Martin 

July 8th- draw 1967 yardbirds July 9th- recreate/reinterpret a 60s concert poster 

July 10th- reinterpret a modern band or artist as a 1967 one 

 July 11th- draw a later famous rocker/band who got their professional start during 67/68/69 as a confused, impressionable teen

July 12th- Draw an old rockstar with their 67 counterpart 

 July 13th- Draw Bowie fangirling over Beatles 

 July 14th- band of your choice driving in a VW hippy bus 

 July 15th- draw ‘67 Pete playing guitar 

 July 16th- Monterrey pop festival! Re design the poster or lineup/ draw your favorite act 

 July 17th- draw Pink Floyd as psychedelic as you can 

 July 18th- draw hippies dancing in the park 

 July 19th- draw Jim Morrison writing poetry in a field of flowers, 

 July 20th- draw ‘67 Bowie meeting '67 Pink Floyd, 

 July 21st- draw a cute Joj in a flower crown holding a random kitten 

 July 22nd- draw the members of Led Zeppelin in 1967- pushing a broken down tour bus.. all sweaty and panting, but Roberto is just sitting there with a chilled lemonade, not helping at all.  

July 23rd- draw jimmy Hendrix with a floral motif 

 July 24th- draw two members from different bands wearing the same groovy outfit (who wore it better?) 

 July 25th- draw 1967 Brian Jones in the most fabulous and psychedelic outfit you can think of! 

 July 26th- draw a purple dragon (for a tripping musician to chase) 

 July 27th- draw a magic bus for a magical mystery tour 

 July 28th- draw someone fangirling over Janis Joplin 

 July 29th- draw what you think Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds would look like! 

July 30th- draw a musician jumping on the Indian music bandwagon and attempting to play the sitar 

 July 31st- draw your classic rock OTP doing some cute groovy shit. 

 So there are the prompts! A big thank you to everybody that submitted one 💛 if you participate in this please tag your drawing under “Summer of Love Challenge” I’d love to see everybody’s ArtiNg! ✌️&💛