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One Night - Warren x Reader SMUT SMUT SMUT

A/N: this just popped up into my head at the moment and I am not entirely sure if I should write more to this or not. Its unedited! This is super smutty and I don’t know if this is good since its like my first actual smut. It’s got like 1.6k words and is totally shit. Ummm let me know what you think!
Word count: 1.6k
Warning: cursing, smut obviously, unprotected sex.
Another night of partying was spent on you practically taking a few shots of cheap vodka that burnt all the way down and tasted like rubbing alcohol. Yet,somehow you’d find yourself sitting in the club and scoping out people you found attractive, male or female, because let’s face it everyone finds at least someone of the same gender attractive. Straight or not, you couldn’t deny that at one point every female pretended to be a lesbian for Ruby Rose. Simpler times.
You found yourself looking back at the bartender, giving her a small smile as she filled another shot glass for you and spoke up, “on the house”. She definitely wanted in your pants and if you got drunk enough,maybe you would. You smiled, lifting the small shot to your lips and let the fiery liquid make its way down your throat and it burning your nostrils. She smiled, her black hair pulled up in a right braid behind her and she was almost a “ plain Jane” to you. Kinda like Bella from twilight, maybe you’d find a… Your thoughts were almost halted by a half drunk blonde male wearing a black leather jacket, complete with the studs. That wasn’t what caught you off guard however. It was his huge magnificent white wings that were tucked by his sides as he drunken made his way near the bar. And god, you kinda got flustered as you averted yourself while he sat down in the empty stool next to you.
Being a non-mutant, you didn’t want to bombard him or make him feel like a freak but you did however catch when he ordered you one of those expensive fancy fruit drinks that somewhat sounded like “unicorn cloud” but you didn’t really know. The bartender snorted slightly but made the drink and slid it to you, it was kinda an awkward tension. She had been flirting shamelessly the whole night and now there was a giant man bird, who was very fucking attractive by the way, flirting with you or actually, bought you a drink. Not like you’d expect them to compete but you found yourself being drown in the more fancier drinks bombarded by the two. You couldn’t hold that much alcohol! “As much as I appreciate it, I’m more into having sex with males, don’t be offended, I just want to try new things” your voice finally sounded out, but it was a little slurred. Of course, offended, the bartender switched shifts to another woman. You hadn’t meant to hurt her.
After what seemed a long while, the blonde male beside you looked at you, licking across his plump lips with his tongue. “So, you wanna get out of here?” His accent filled the room, British, deep, husky. He was straight forward, but of course, Warren was, you just didn’t know that yet. Your cheeks got hot and you coughed before mustering a nod and a ‘yes’.
It wasn’t long until you found yourself being hoisted out of the club carefully, a short flight was taken and you were giving him directions to your place, and after a while, landed at the doorstep. “I’m Warren by the way” he mumbled, slurred as well. You barely heard him so you didn’t speak, just opened the door and was scooped up as he looked around and closed the door behind him by kicking his door back. He smirked down at you and pressed a hard, vodka tasting kiss to your lips. His green eyes were gleaming as you pointed to your bedroom. He walked - stumbled slightly - with you to the room before tossing you onto your bed.

The cold collision of the blankets to her back was enough to completely finish you off but you wouldn’t have it, that low cut dress in the back was a perfect little mistake and you didn’t want to seem weak just yet. Just by looks you thought he had great stamina. Your eyes glinted down at the boys mouth working between your legs as he shoved that skimpy little skirt up your hips and grazed his tongue over those pastel pink laced underwear, earning a groan to fall past your pink lips. Instantly, your hands tangled into the blonde mess of curls and you felt herself unravel so freaking easily, Warren’s wings were tucked around him, grazing your legs as he pushed those panties to the side. He didn’t even know your name and he was about to fuck you up.
He was obviously hard through his tight leather pants as you, a non mutant writhed and hissed at the contact of the cold air on your dripping wet core. He practically gasped at the sight, god it was so amazing! Warren dipped his head down again before pressing his tongue against her slit. She tasted great and soon enough, he was delving his tongue in and our of her, working his thumb on this beautiful strangers clit.
Meanwhile, you were looking down at him, a whimpering mess as you tugged softly on his full head of messy curls. Small begs and whines were calling out but Warren wouldn’t have it, you had to cum at least once before he got inside of that beautiful cunt. You watched as he pushed two digits inside to stretch you, scissoring and curling them simultaneously. It was enough to cause you to throw your head back and cry out, “god dammit, Warren!” Ironic much. That white hot coil between your legs was literally about to burst and warren just delved his face right back in, his nose brushing your clit in the process. You came undone at the sensation, your back arching and your hips raising from the bed as you shamelessly ground your hips into his face as you grunted and groaned, juices dripping down your thighs. Warren was quick to lick your mess up and popped his head up from your dripping core, your juices shining on his face as he smirked at your panting state.
He was very fast to situate his wings as he hovered over you, his jacket discarded and his chest showing, lined with scars as you wondered how they had gotten there, but that wasn’t your business was it? He chuckled, “like what you see,princess?” He hummed out slipping his leather pants off as he rid himself of his boxers. You tried to get a good look st why he had down in those pants but he was pressed against you now, talons hooked in your bed post to steady himself as he rubbed the head of his cock around you entrance before pressing his hips forward to mold his body against yours completely in one thrust. He was huge, stretching you further than any other one night stands had, and it burnt a little but to be honest about it all. He groaned loudly, tossing his head back as his Adams apple bobbed, a long strand of curse words falling from your lips next. You had gasped at his entrance of course, and was now clinging to his neck for dear life as he started a rough and steady rhythm of fucking in and out of you.
Warren watched your chest bounce with each collision of his hips to yours,and when he positioned himself and pistoned his hips deeper into you, you tightened your best against him, making him groan out loudly, the sound of your skin and both of your careless moans filling the room as he got as much pleasure as he could out of it. This boy could go for a while, and your legs were shaking, covered in a thin layer of sweat as both of your chest slid against each others easily. That’s when it happened, no warning, nothing. He came in hot spurts inside of you, and little to say, it would have a huge affect later on. Warren rode out his high, not really caring about yours, should he? No. You were just a one night stand would possibly force him to leave after you would call him a fucking freak the next morning. He pulled out and huffed, flopping down beside you as you made a “what the actual fuck” face.
Morning came and you were buried with his face in your chest, his blonde curls sprawling all over you and you blinked, sunlight in your face. Hungover,of course, but you did remember parts of what the blonde and you had done. He was half awake, you only knew this because he nipped at your breast before peeking up at you, grumbling a quick “morning” as he mentally prepared himself to be kicked out, but he wasn’t. Why would someone kick out someone as beautiful and magnificent as him, and after all, he didn’t spend a good amount of Money on you in the process to woo you! But, any male or female horny and needy enough would, right? You smiled, still a little agitated that you weren’t able to get off last night and you were possibly fertilized, you didn’t say anything other than “morning, my name’s (y/n) by the way” softly as you ran your fingers through his hair as you debated if you should go get an over the counter Plan B or not to be sure but damn, those little pills were expensive. Just one coated nearly $60 as you last recalled, but, yet again, you weren’t a baby killer, so you left it to fate, yet didn’t tell Warren you weren’t on birth control. Maybe, just maybe there wasn’t a tiny human growing inside of you…