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Kashiyuka’s Magical Hair (Subtitled)

This is a 1080p 60fps test, with Optical Flow frame interpolation through Premiere Pro CC 2017. This is from “5th Tour 2014 - Gurun Gurun”

…am I the only one who doesn’t give a damn about framerate?

Even when it drops in BB (and like, it happens to me only in the Lecture Building when there are a fuck ton of slime scholars crawling around) does it REALLY impact your experience that much? I never felt like the game became unplayable and the problem lasted less than a few seconds.

I am asking this for Science, because I want to understand if my gaming standards are low (and I’m sure they are, because I never had a powerful pc capable of running stuff at 60fps) or if people are so obsessed with performance these days that they can’t recognize a good game even when I smack them in the face with it.

I am using BB as an example but this applies to any game with not terrible framerate drops.

Plz illuminate me.


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(Credits in decription)