Kashiyuka’s Magical Hair (Subtitled)

This is a 1080p 60fps test, with Optical Flow frame interpolation through Premiere Pro CC 2017. This is from “5th Tour 2014 - Gurun Gurun”


So, about that Overwatch comic…

60FPS Zootopia!

For anyone wanting to see a Screencap I did for a 60FPS version of Zootopia:

Its quick, its short, its literally ten seconds, and the file is about 640 MBs. o.o 

- after some quick calculations, at that quality with that FPS, that file would be nearly 482 GB’s for a single file. lol worth.

*ATTENTION* – If you don’t see the 60FPS, please load it in Youtube and change the quality there. 


Glorious 1080p 60fps gameplay of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep!