60 Day Photo Challenge Day 22- Close-up

I decided to photograph my daughter playing her flute.According to her band teacher she is an excellent flutist.She actually is much better than I was and enjoys playing and practicing constantly.

For the record she says her hand feels perfectly fine holding her flute this way.lol She is a lefty so maybe it just seems comfortable because her right hand is weaker than her left.Or maybe she really is just comfortable that way.4 yrs and neither teacher has commented on her holding.

60 Day Photo Challenge Day 20-Windy 

I wasn’t sure what to do today for this challenge.Had the idea of balloons flying or a pinwheel spinning.I ended up going with the balloons.Luckily we had a windy day,I was able to get some good shots of the balloons going all over but I fell i love with this shot even though the yellow balloon had just started catching the wind and they are not super wild in the air it was just the shot I was looking to capture.