• viktor’s pov ?? 
  • viktor: “i think he’s the one named jj” dang the sass 
  • “sleeping beauty” 
  • viktor jumping on yuri while he’s all cold and wet 
  • The Date   
  • confirmed sugar daddy viktor 
  • viktor and yuuri holding hands and walking with their arms around each other 
  • yuuri’s blush during tHAT SCENE
  • viktor sPittinG OUT his drink when yuuri tells him he doesn’t remember talking to him 
  • (how had viktor never brought this up before ??) 
  • phichit telling everyone in the restaurant that his friend got married
  • otabek clapping with a completely straight face 
  • viktor looking hot af by the ocean 
  • yuuri basicaLLY humping viktor 
  • viktor’s little gasp when yuuri says be my coach 
  • ….. just ….
  • …..the whole thing ….
  • how is this real
  • still in shock 
  • b y e e e e

Reid: So I kind of got you this. 

Kristy: No way!

Reid: I was going to hide it in the tree trunk but then how was I going to hide it in the tree trunk, you know?

Kristy: How were you going to convince me to look in a tree trunk too. Trees are great but I’m not really a tree hugger or a tree feeler or a tree therapist. 

Reid: Those jobs exist? 

Kristy: I’m sure they do. You’d suit it.

Reid: Oh I should look into- ah anyway, the point is. I got this for you. We’re still teens, I know and I’m an idiot and-

Kristy: You just not academically inclined. You’re not an idiot. 

Reid: Kris, please let me finish.

Kristy: Ah, sorry. 

Reid: So I may not be academically inclined and I obsess over trees, but I hope one day, when I become something that you’d be there with me. I love you and I don’t see myself without you. With this ring, are you willing to let me promise myself to you?