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PSA: now that season 15 has given us the Gift that is locus back on our screens, i just wanna remind artists to check your screen’s brightness settings, so that you don’t accidentally whitewash him in your work!!


Take My Soul - Tommy Shelby

Tommy asks you for a favor. You want more than he’s offering. 

Take My Soul - Tommy Shelby | part of the Gods + Monsters Series

You had to wait until the Garrison closed that night to make your way over to Tommy’s house. You felt anxious as you wiped down the last of the tables. Last night had been you giving into something that you knew was dangerous. You didn’t think you wanted to undo what you had done but you knew that you were walking further into something you weren’t fully prepared for. Agreeing to do anything with Tommy Shelby was like playing with fire. You had kept yourself separate from the Shelbys but you knew all the stories people in Small Heath told about Tommy and they never painted him as a hero. 

He was no good catholic boy like the ones your mother wanted you to focus on. And maybe she was smarter than you. Maybe she knew better when she kept you on the other side of the street and told you not to entertain thoughts of the Shelbys. Maybe they were all bad news.  

But you were already knocking on Tommy’s door. It was like you were pulled here by something you couldn’t control. Or maybe you just wanted to believe that so you couldn’t blame yourself for anything bad that happened.  

Tommy opened the door and let you in. No words were spoken until you were in his room, sitting on the bed with the door closed. You couldn’t remember your heart racing this badly last night.  

“About the favor,” he began, always one to get right to business, “I’m sure Harry is paying well.”

“As well as he can.” You replied.  

“I would like to offer you a good deal more than that to occasionally work for me.” Tommy replied.  

“What sort of work?” You asked, though you knew that it didn’t really matter. He could tell you that he was paying you to sleep with him whenever he felt the urge and you would most likely agree. Without hesitation. Because Tommy Shelby was the sort that you couldn’t say no to.  

“I’m going to a club in London, you’ll come along.” Tommy answered, “that’s all the detail you need to know about.” He added when he noticed you open your mouth to ask another question.  

You could imagine your mother now, throwing questions at you as you packed a bag for London and tried to come up with a reason why you needed to travel to the city. But that wasn’t Tommy’s problem to deal with and he expected a yes or a no, not an explanation about your overbearing mother and her suspicions.  

“Of course.” You nodded your head for extra emphasis. Of course you would travel with him to London. Your mother needed more explanation than that but you didn’t. He could very well be leading you into a trap but all you could think was that for one weekend you would be with Tommy and you wouldn’t have to answer to anyone. “Is that all?” You asked.  

“Seeing as it’s much too late for a respectable young woman to be walking by herself at night.” Tommy commented, the ghost of a grin on his face.  

“Have you got a spare room? How thoughtful.” It was these moments, when he was less business man and more casual that you felt you could tease him.  

“Not exactly.” He replied.  

“Were you going to call me a car then?”  

“How about I tell you and save you the trouble of guessing?” Tommy asked. He came over to the bed and stood in front of you.  

“That might be helpful.” You smiled.  

You weren’t sure if this was going to become a regular thing. If Tommy would expect you at his doorstep every night after the Garrison closed or only on nights when he wanted to do business. And if business didn’t go well this weekend than who’s to say he would want you coming around at all. Surely he could find another desperate girl in the city who would sleep with him at the drop of a hat. Maybe you had let yourself get too attached in too short a time. Did he even feel close to what you did? Or were you just desperate to rebel?

Your mother would tell you, if she even knew half of what you were getting yourself into, that you were being an irresponsible and immature girl and that no man would seriously consider you. She would tell you that men who were worth marrying were not men like Tommy Shelby and that men worth marrying wouldn’t want to marry a girl that was bartending at the Garrison or fooling around with gangsters.  


You couldn’t be sure if Tommy wanted you to stay or if last time he was just teasing you but either way you fought the urge to get up and leave. He was still sleeping, rather soundly, and you took a moment to look over him. Would London be the same, the two of you spending the weekend together in a room somewhere? But he’d mentioned business and you couldn’t imagine that he required you to tag along for business because he wanted to spend time with you.  

“Why’re you staring at me?” Tommy asked, opening one eye.  

“I’m not, I was just getting up,” you responded.

“I was certain we had this discussion before,” he replied.

“You may’ve mentioned it. I imagine you have work though?” You would have to check in with your mother and father soon. If working for Tommy paid off it was possible that you would be able to afford your own place. Which would mean no more nagging parents treating you like you were still a child.  

“So I do.” Tommy climbed out of bed and went about getting dressed.  

You knew you were getting too attached because if he hadn’t of woken up just then you know you would’ve tried to kiss him. Tommy had been clear that kissing was too personal for the type of sex you and he were partaking in. Maybe someday, you imagined, it would change. Or maybe it would stop altogether. It was too soon to say that you were happy just to be with him but you knew that was true. You were in over your head.

I’m like floored that so many of you guys seem to be enjoying this series. 

descendants 2 liveblogging nonsense all as one post because no one needs more than one post of vivian’s descendants 2 thoughts

  • keep in mind the first movie is in my opinion one of the worst movies on this entire planet so the bar for this movie is set really really low
  • can’t believe mulan’s daughter is a literal sword lesbian 
  • i’d die for mal 
  • is this a talking dog? is there seriously a talking dog in this movie right now? in the year of our lorde (yes lorde this is her year) 2017 are we seriously making “scratch my butt” dog jokes right fucking now
  • “i need you to stop talking” big mood
  • sons of hook and gaston are y’all shittin me
  • why is this white dude rapping 
  • wasn’t china like 12 last time i checked? what happened
  • “i’m fake, this is fake” is it because you’re a lesbian
  • “she’s my best friend” y’all are gay and in love
  • who is this cute tiny baby in the salon i love her
  • can anyone truly pull off purple hair like dove cameron
  • sofia carson is?? really fuckin hot wow i’m gay this whole number has got me super gay when will sofia carson sit on my face
  • “and i wanted a seapony”?? you mean a seahorse?
  • “i’m so flattered that you dream of me” this is a whole lotta gay sexual tension in this scene right here 
  • i’m even more attracted to mal when her eyes go all green and glowy and evil?? so that’s the tea
  • mal and evie talking about mal’s hair!! they’re so cute and i’d die for them
  • mal and evie are dizzy’s lesbian moms
  • omg i can’t believe how much dizzy looks up to evie!! she’s like her little sister this is the cutest thing i’ve seen all day
  • is this a malvie duet?? about how much evie and mal love each other and wish they weren’t disappointing each other?? this is the gayest thing on the planet currently holy shit
  • please can the talking dog thing end
  • didn’t gaston die? on that note didn’t most disney villains die at the end of their movies?
  • honestly mal/uma is the most gay thing
  • “nice scarf. it’s mine now” holy fuck that move i’m so attracted to her holyyyy fuck i’m so gay for evie i wanna be that dude she stole a scarf from
  • lonnie helping evie jump down and holding her hand, lonnie is gay for evie (girl me too)
  • “you’re always going off and doing your girl talk and stuff, jay and i are tired of it” my dude, my guy, they are going off together all the time because they are gay and in love 
  • “i’m a mess i’m such a mess” BABY!! NO!!! i feel you sweetie pie i love you
  • she’s the team captain!! excellent i trust her with my life
  • “so you’re not seeing happy’s son or anyone else” she’s seeing mal 
  • evie’s face when she sees mal in her dress!! she’s the one who’s face they show first and she’s the first one that starts clapping this is gay as hell
  • oh my god this scene is so gay
  • uma’s dress is very pretty she looks beautiful
  • is uma his new girlfriend? if they’re together can she date evie now please
  • i’m glad they’re playing an orchestral version of kiss the girl i appreciate it
  • lmao she cast an evil spell on his ass
  • can’t believe they spent the whole movie having evie and mal make googoo eyes at each other and she still kisses ben at the end? homophobic
  • she just turned into a dragon god i wish i could do that
  • “shall we? we shall” this is gay
  • evie’s little sister is gonna come!!!!! “she’s like a little sister to me” THAT’S SO FUCKIN CUTE
  • okay the final dance number was pretty cute
  • dizzy is gonna go hang out with her sister!!!!!!! 
  • overall i’m glad this movie is over but i think it was at least slightly better than the first one? malvie is gay and so am i

You know, when I was a freshman, I wasn’t a very good person. I mean, sure, I was popular and dating seniors, but as a person, I was pretty lost. And over the last four years, I’ve been forced to grow up. I stopped letting boys define me, and I started believing in myself and in my potential, and I ran for student-council president, and I designed a clothing line, and… somewhere along the way, the lost, little party girl became the girl on the wall of honor.

*walks up to you totally non-conspiciously*

*psssst* Now that the others are sleeping… I’m gonna break out of my Serious Mod Cover to bring some goodness to you all because I adore you. 

That right there is a canon comic of a cartoon show where the MAIN CHARACTER ends up with ANOTHER WOMAN AND. THEY. KISS (this is NOT an excuse for me to fangirl about this, I can see you all already accusing me!)

In times of need, or of feeling sad because you like girls, or just because your crush doesn’t like you or whatever else, use it to let it make you feel better. The world is shit, but things just may turn out right sometimes, and that’s wonderful.

Have a good day! ;)

Mod M :D