Ive been forcing all my friends to watch Princess Tutu which just warp speeds me back into my hyperfixation so heres some Ideas for what would happen if we got a season 2:

  • Everyones an adult now yay 
  • Duck has to grapple with the reality that no one remembers her and spends a lot of time running around picking up the pieces and dealing with The New Threat 
  • Fakir is a Creative Writing & English teacher at GoldCrown Academy (Duck often sneaks onto campus)
  • Duck was probably written back into her human form because she was aging as a duck and coming close to her death 
  • Mytho and Rue somehow make a visit and they are a happy and healthy married couple with a beautiful baby boy that takes to Duck very quickly 
  • Mytho is the one to foster the idea within Fakir to finally embrace and admit his feelings for Duck out loud
  • Duck and The Baby dance together for fun while waiting for Fakir to finish a lecture 
  • Duck and Fakir absolutely still live together and its sometimes a little taxing for Fakir because Duck is still kind unaware of herself and how her presence affects him but she has matured a great deal since her adolescence and seems to be burdened by a quiet sadness and is much more in touch with her feelings about Fakir but isn’t as reflective about them as Fakir is

EDIT: nakey comic was in the wrong sequence its fixed now ;;

anonymous asked:

wait I'm rereading ch 3 again and I noticed that the phone call Syaoran made to Eriol after Sakura showed the Gale Card to him and Tomoyo was cut out of the anime (the call took place after he said her name worriedly) . Do you think the call will take place later on in the anime?

I hope it takes place in the next episode! Syaoran’s and Eriol’s mysteriousness has been erased from the first two episodes. But I hope they start showing it in the third episode. People that are only watching the anime are already noticing Syaoran’s weird behavior, and I’m here like 😬😬 you have no idea, hahaha.