Received my LBT 6094A in MAS Grey today, to replace my 6094B Slick in Multicam. Fits my Large plates perfectly (despite it supposedly being sized for Medium plates), and the color’s awesome, slightly darker than it appears in the photos, and it matches my AR’s paintjob very nicely. The regular 6094 is a bit more comfortable than the Slick, since it’s got the extra padding on the shoulders and it’s hardly any heavier, but it is a little bulkier, though it’s still pretty low-profile if you set it up to be. 

You can stow a full size handgun in the radio pouches if you so choose (pictured with my CZ P09 w/ TLR-1), and it’s got a built-in Kangaroo pouch up front that you can fit three mags in with one of LBT’s inserts. I’ve got just regular old issued double-mag pouches with Esstac KYWI inserts until I can decide on how I want to run my magazines.

First impressions are nothing but positive, I can’t wait to get out and get it dirty and sweaty and see if those great first impressions hold up.


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Recommend using a CAT7 Tourniquet from @northamericanrescue which only has one slot to pass the strap thru plus a longer tail for better Velcro cohesion and larger extremities. We are using the current NAEMT TECC/TCCC standards. Also shown on the table is the @grab_harness / @lbtinc 2670b Slim Medical Backpack and LBT-6094A / @mtekusa Flux Ballistic helmet. #ar15gunfighter #ar15 #tactical #tacticallife #tacticalrifle #tacticaltraining #tacticalgear #tacticalmedicine #riflerange #rifle #training #police #policeofficer #malfunctiondrill #firearms #firearmstraining #firearmsinstructor #firearmsphotography #firearmsdaily #firearmsafety #survive #tccchallenges #tccc @davidjon6 @hot_rod_300 @kentwyatt55 @outdoorshootersupply @dubmech @tacmed_83 @americanmilsim @frosty_ams @northamericanrescue @darkangelmedical @cagmain_1776 @angry.canadian @weaponized_medicine @lwrci @hawkarms @shoot_ussa

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