608 design


The hull design of the KV-1s. In General, he repeated the configuration of the KV-1, but had a number of changes
Diagram of the tower of the KV-1s. She had a lot in common with the turret of the KV-13 with turret T-34
KV-1s has become the second after the T-50 Soviet tank, received a commander’s cupola
Scheme visibility KV-1s. There were some problems with dead zones in the frontal part, but compared to KV-1, the visibility improved markedly
The chassis of the KV-1s No. 15002, clearly visible rollers lightweight design
Tracks with a width of 608 mm, which was designed for the KV-1s
KV-1s with serial number 15004 in comparative tests when driving on a swampy shore of the lake near Sineglazovo Chelyabinsk. August 1942
KV-1s 15002 during factory tests, end of July 1942
One of the KV-1s hull with the KV-1. Tank from the composition of the 9 guards heavy tank regiment, spring of 1943