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[INFO] EXO's Ko Ko Bop passes 200k hearts on Melon in just TWO weeks!(Fastest Artist Ever!)

For reference, the last artist that reached this number took around 5-6 months.  EXO now hold the record for ANY artist (idol, boy/girl group, and even non-idols) of achieving this feat in the SHORTEST amount of time in just TWO weeks.

List of songs that have passed 200k hearts:

1. Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending: 298 604

2. Park Hyo Shin - Wild Flower: 234 067

3. Ailee - I Will Go To You Like The First Snow: 212 036

4. BTS - Spring Day: 201 806

5. Bolbbalgan4 - Galaxy: 201 580

And Now 6. EXO - Ko Ko Bop: 200 000. Congratulations EXO!

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure Sansa is gonna survive S7, I try very hard not to feel this but from time to time I think ab it. I'm more Sansa than Jonsa, but I'd really like J/S to happen, so certain things keeps me going, like their 1st conversation, it was awkward in an odd way, ppl say to me it was awkward bc they weren't close when kids or didn't get along... but I ask wth it seems so romantic/flirtatious? They find excuses but don't refute the romantic undertones, which is interesting... I wasn't JS bf 604.

Hi Anonny! 

I can’t give you any certainty, this is still Game of Thrones, so anything could happen really… But I must say I’m actually fairly confident Sansa is going to survive season 7! I believe Sansa will be the one to lead the North through the Long Night, not at the head of an army, but holding the fort back in Winterfell. And after that, she’ll be one of the key players to rebuild the world after the Battle for the Dawn is won.

She could have a close encounter with death though. She might even die, but she won’t stay dead. There are theories that she might be poisoned or (nearly) die in childbirth. But no worries, in case that happens, she’ll be brought back to life by the Kiss of Life! @aryasmeatpies and I believe Jon could be the one to give her that kiss, @natty86 thinks Sandor will be the one, sacrificing his own life for her.

That’s it for the tinfoil! 

The Jonsa fandom and people outside it have been discussing those season 6 scenes for over a year and we’re still not done talking about them! Whatever it is, there is something there and it’s hard to pin it down. Some people do indeed simply attribute it to the awkwardness of getting reacquainted and the uncertainty of what they mean to the other, but to me it’s more than that.
Jon’s longing looks, Sansa’s flirting, the lighting, the framing, the romantic parallels, the romantic comedy tropes, … It all just seems too much to be the sum of awkwardness and coincidence, wouldn’t you agree? I didn’t start shipping Jon and Sansa till after I’d seen most of season 6 and I think there are many people who found themselves in that situation.

I must say that most of the time I’m really confident about Jonsa becoming canon, but I have my moments of doubt… My biggest fear is that we won’t get anything real in season 7 and we’ll have to wait till season 8 for Jonsa. I’m mostly worried about that because of the reactions of antis.

All in all, I think Sansa is safe and there is a good chance Jonsa will be endgame. And of course I’d like to see at least a kiss in season 7!

Sara is Redcoat Clues

I know this is probably an unpopular idea as many of us (including me) dislike Sara, but I really hope she is Redcoat! She went from being incredibly central to the story to being nothing but a love interest. I really hope the writers give her some well-needed and deserved character development, and her being Redcoat is a great way to do so. There are plenty of clues to support the idea too.

1) Redcoat’s return 

So as we know, Redcoat made an exciting return a few episodes ago, which just so happened to occur around the same time as Sara left Emily’s (yay for low water bills!) It’s all very fishy timing.

2) Rosewood PD: Redcoat profile?

The two Different colours used on the board imply two profiles; Charles and Redcoat. As you can see, Redcoat is possibly described as; punishment, no support system, jealousy, distrusts social and family connections, revenge, fragile mental state, attention and victim mentality. How much does this sound like Sara?! She was a victim and therefore has a fragile mental state, she has poor relationships with her friends and family therefore lacks support and the punishment may be referring to how she escaped Charles.

3) Mums in the basement

In 609, Sara visited the barn to find Emily. Whilst this was happening, the liars mum’s were locked in the DiLaurentis basement. We assumed it was Rhys, but could it have been Sara? Weird timing again.

4) Cryptic prom chit-chat

609 also showed us that Sara isn’t one for a casual conversation, not even at prom. In fact, she made herself seem very suspicious…

What could she be referring to? Well, the fact that next episode everything and everyone will (apparently) be revealed, she could totally be referring to Charles and her involvement. Maybe she has grown genuine feelings for Emily and know’s it’s all going downhill from here..

5) Charles’ missed opportunity… or not?

In 603, the liars visit Dr Sullivan, leaving Sara alone and vulnerable. Whilst in her office, Charles pays a visit to Sara and threatens to kill her unless the liars leave. Why wouldn’t he kidnap her again if he had the chance? Surely 1 doll is better than none, right? Unless of course he needs Sara to stay with Emily to get some inside info. It saves him a job after all.

6) Showers. Yes, showers.

I know the whole “Shower Harvey” thing is a hilarious joke between fans, but what if her little obsession is way more meaningful than we think? What if she was sneaking phone calls to her boss whilst in the shower so Emily wouldn’t catch on? It definitely would explain the fixation on Sara showering, I’m sure they put it in there for a reason as it doesn’t really add much to the story. It’s a way of showing how she is coping, sure, but everything can have an alternative explanation, especially on this show.

7) Bitch chipped Sara?

When the girls realised they got chipped by Charles, Emily didn’t hesitate to check Sara too. However, as we know, she was unable to feel for the chip as Sara turned around and started kissing her. It was very abrupt and almost seems as though she didn’t want Emily to feel her neck. What’s a quick way to distract someone? Kiss them!  We still don’t know if Sara is chipped and her spontaneous reaction implies she isn’t. Why wouldn’t Charles chip her? 

8) Dr Palmer and air

We know Dr Palmer “researched” the air around people. He described a mysterious blonde as having “bad air.” In 604 Emily and Sara go swimming and Sara challenges Emily to a breath holding competition. Was Sara the blonde with bad air? A loose connection but a weird one too. Why did Sara challenge Emily to such a thing? This also relates to Ali holding her breath to get her own way, I’m not sure how it all connects but it’s weird.

Like I said, I know people are hoping Sara is irrelevant but I really think she should be important. I’m not a fan of her character but there is evidence for her being Redcoat, and even if she isn’t RC, I’m sure she is significant elsewhere. The writers have made her a love interest after such a dramatic introduction; I hope they make use of her and develop her character. Plus, if she is evil, Emily won’t like her anymore so everyone’s happy! I’m sure there are more clues, so feel free to add your own! x

Happy 113th Real Madrid:

- Santillana, who is Real Madrid’s fourth-highest all-time top goalscorer, retired from football      in 1988 at the age of 36. 
- Santiago Bernabeu was Madrid’s club president for almost 35yrs: 6 European Cups 16 La       Liga 6 Copas del Rey 1 Intercontinental Cup 
- Zidane retired after the 2006 World Cup at the age of 34, having spent the last five seasons   of his career at Real Madrid. 
- Del Bosque spent 30 years in total at Real Madrid (first team and reserve team). He won        nine trophies as a player and seven as a coach.
- Benzema has scored two goals or more on 25 occasions for Real Madrid. 
 - Madrid’s longest-standing player is Iker, who has won 18 trophies for the club. Gento holds     the Real Madrid record with 23 titles. 
- Munoz is the club’s longest-serving coach, totalling 15 years and 604 competitive matches.      He won 14 titles during that span. 
- Between 1961-80, Los Blancos were so dominant in Spain that they won 14 La Liga titles      in 20 seasons. Between 1961-90, Madrid won 19. 
- Real Madrid’s biggest victory in any competition was against Barca as Los Blancos beat      them 11-1 in a Copa del Rey 1942/43. 
- Real’s biggest defeat in La Liga was against Espanyol when they lost 8-1 in 1929-30. 
- Cristiano Ronaldo’s 46 goals in La Liga in 2011-12 is the highest by any Madrid player in        La Liga.
- The exact time was 44:36 when Zidane scored his left-footed volley for Madrid in the 2002       Champions League final. 
- Ferenc Puskas was almost 39 when he played his last season for Real Madrid in the 1965/66 campaign. 
- Despite spending much of his time on the bench, Isco made more appearances (53) than       any other Madrid player in 2013/14. 
- Florentino Perez is 67 years old but turns 68 on March 8, his birthday just two days after       Real Madrid’s anniversary. 
- Mourinho won 128 of his 178 games to record a 71.91% ratio in his three seasons in charge   at Real Madrid.Ancelotti has 77.23% so far. 
- Real Madrid have a slight edge in the Clasico, with 92 wins in official matches to                 Barcelona’s 88 victories. 
- Raul played 741 times for Madrid, but Iker has featured 711 times for Los Blancos and is still    only 33. 
- Madrid have scored 113 goals in all competitions so far this term. Their highest total came in    2013-14, when they netted 160. 
- Figo was the 15th player to switch directly from Barca to Los Blancos. The first was Alfonso    Albeniz.