Fan Theory: Perception of Time in VK/VKM

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I’ve been offline for a millennia due to a new job and family life stuffz but I I finally have some free time to go into the VK meta I’ve been dying to sink my teeth in to! (beware, there may be terrible puns ahead.  You’ve been warned.)

From what I’ve seen in the Vampire Knight meta-sphere, reactions towards the past two chapters are mixed, leaning towards the Hino-san, what the fruitcake are you doing to us now? end of the spectrum. 

@getoffthesoapbox​ @soulisthirsty@zerolover66​ and others before me have written some excellent analyses & theories, and I don’t plan on doing a full rehash.  Instead, I’d like to propose a different theory…

I’ll start this fan theory with a question:  
Do Yuuki and Zero perceive time differently?

This may seem like an odd question, so let me break it down.  

Do people perceive time differently?  

It can be argued that they do.  You often hear folks talk about “life changing experiences” or how a near death experience alters their perspective.  If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, and know that you only have a few months left to live, your perception of time will likely be very different than that of a healthy teenager.  Even though both individuals could theoretically die in a freak accident at the same time, or the sick individual finds a miracle cure, the way they value their time, more likely than not, differs.  

You can also look at it this way: one year to a 3-year-old is 1/3 of their life, whereas one year to an 80-year-old is 1/80 of their life.  Time passes differently for children versus adults.

Which leads me to another question: 

In Vampire Knight, do mortals with finite time perceive time passing differently than immortals with infinite time?  

From what we’ve been shown canonically, I believe there’s a chance that the answer is yes.  

Let’s take a look at a scene from VKM chapter 10:

In this panel Yuuki comments that 60 months feels like 1 month.**

60 months = 5 years

That means 5 years feels like 1 month of “normal life” (basically 1 month to the rest of us.)

Take your age and divide it by 5. If you’re 20 years old, that’s the equivalent of 4 months.

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Amazing how these billionaires are accumulating so much through stocks, but capitalist ideologues insist they’re simply working way harder than everyone else.

Who knew a single person could work 600x times harder than another?

I need 600x more Danny Phantom horror than there is.

The kid died. He got stuck halfway between this world and the next. Like, I want fic that just takes that to the next logical body horror step.

In the show he bleeds red and green because there’s ectoplasm in his blood. Ok, his blood is red and green, but it’s on the cellular level, so instead he bleeds muddy brown, like something that clotted and dried weeks or more ago, old blood, dead blood

Danny wakes up stiff and sore and sluggish and chalks it up to too many late nights spent fighting ghosts, but really his brain forgot that autonomous reactions were a thing it still needed to do because it mistook sleeping for being properly dead, finally, and rigor mortis started setting in and now his brain is relying on ectoplasm to keep functioning after the extended lack of blood flow

Sometimes he spends hours staring into space, totally blank. He would lose days and weeks like that if there weren’t people around to jolt him back into the world of the living. His friends start setting timers on his phone to remind him not to drift, to stay anchored and breathing

Ghosts in canon have obsessions, fixations. The other half ghost Vlad isn’t exempt from this, being obsessed with Maddie Fenton, so why should Danny? What does he fixate on?

Maybe he’s lucky. Maybe it’s his life. Maybe he fixated on playing at being alive, at being Danny Fenton As He Would Be, As He Should Be.

Maybe he’s unlucky. Maybe it’s Amity Park, As It Is, As He Thinks It Should Be. His territory, his home, his lair. He chases other ghosts out unless and until they prove they have a place there in the fabric of his town. He keeps the ones there that are vital to it-Sam, Tucker, Jazz, his parents, etc. Danny’s Amity Park. The world outside falls away.

Vlad recognizes it, after a long time, after it’s far too late. After all, he too is part of Amity Park, one half the mayor, the other half Danny Phantom’s arch enemy. He still needs someone to fight and thwart, after all, someone to defend. So by the time Vlad sees it he can’t stop it. After too many failed attempts, he gives up. Maddie’s here too, after all. He might as well stay.

Danny has scars, but only some of the time. The electrical burn scar that branches up his arm and across his chest from his right hand is a death wound, of a sort, and it shows up in times of distress. The rest of the time, his body forgets it should be there, and so it isn’t.

The scars from ghost fights similarly don’t show up. He doesn’t remember that humans can’t get up and walk away after being thrown into buildings hard enough to break not just bones but the walls they hit, that flames licking across his skin and blasts from lasers should hurt longer than the length of a battle. Bruises, conversely, linger. Black and blue and green and purple mottled across his ribs and back, taking too long to fade on his cheekbones and under the mess of his knuckles.

“Seventeens reaction to when you sing really good” 


Holy cow, you just gave him another reason to love you, it’s like his other 3,000 reasons weren’t enough for you! God, you absolutely just blew his mind because one he didn’t even know that you liked singing and two not only do you like singing but you sing really good. Waah~ Jagi, why didn’t you tell me before that you sing so good? I thought we said no keeping secrets?” 


Omigosh he would be so happy to find out that your so good! After you’ve sang a song for him, he’s just going to smile so brightly and clap for you because you did absolutely amazing! But maybe, just maybe get up and give you a small kiss on the cheek. Jeez Jagi, I think you can replace Seokmin~” 


The first time he listens to you sing he’s going to pay very close attention to your pitches and tone. Then after you finish your first song he’s going to ask for an encore because you were amazing but also cause this time hes going to try to make you mess up and laugh by sending you small kisses to catch. Ah! Ah! Jagi, don’t miss that kiss! Catch that one too!” 


He’s not going to be able to believe that your singing because he’s never in his entire time of knowing you see you sing! It’s going to take this baby a bit of time to process that your the one singing and not secretly Seokmin singing in a high pitched voice. “ Jagi are you trying to trick me..? Wait are you really singing?” 


He’s not taking any of this seriously because he’s a butt. He loves the fact that you sing so good, but he’s going to join you while you sing. But his singing won’t be good like yours, more of the opposite of yours: bad.  Jaaaaaaaagi~ See! I can sing good like you! Keke maybe even better~” 


Oh my I think you just scared the heck out of our tough baby! He wasn’t prepared to hear such a beautiful and angelic voice. He honestly prepared himself for you to sing to him jokingly by making your voice really deep. But he was wrong, he’s actually really digging a singing you. “ Maybe you should start singing for me more~” 


Oh lord he’s not going to take this very well because your literally going to make his tiny heart explode! He can’t handle how good you sing, he honestly thinks that you sing twenty times better than him and that bothers him on a whole new level.  Jagi! Who said you could sing better than me? Don’t sing in front of the hyungs, they’ll replace me in a heartbeat!” 


A singing you has made his tiring day at least 600x better. He came home tired and just overall in a bad mood but after hearing you sing he just can’t stop smiling. Hm, jagi let’s ask the hyungs if we can feature you in our next album, they won’t mind! You’ll fit perfectly~” 


He’s just sitting there and watching you lovingly with a smile plastered on his face. That smile isn’t going to leave for the rest of the night and maybe year because he honestly just loves your voice so much. He isn’t going to say anything after you’ve finished, but just smile at you.


The entire time he’s listening to you he’s just watching you quietly and trying his best to hold in the urge to stop you right there and compliment you like crazy. So he sits there patiently waiting for you to finish singing, but once your done he just runs up to you and gives you the tightest hug. Aish, why are you so talented? Are you trying to make me go crazy?” 


Oh gosh this kid is going to listen and observe what song your singing then try to slip in mid way, so basically he’s going to try to steal your fame. But he’s not doing it to be a butt, okay maybe he is trying to be a butt, but only a little. After you guys finish singing he’s just going to wink at you Don’t be mad! I was just trying to spice things up a little~


The entire time your singing he’s just looking at all his hyungs with a small smug look on his face like ‘ Yeah, that’s my girlfriend, not yours’. After you finish singing he’s going to come up to you and just place a kiss on your nose. “ You sang so well, good job~” 


Oh my god this kid right here isn’t going to be able to verbally express how happy he is after hearing you sing because he’s honestly just speechless at this point . So he’s just going to put his hand on his chest to show that you made his heart literally beat so fast.

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About an hour’s worth of footage at 600x speed

Don’t hide your feelings. You know what happens to feelings when you hide them? They grow like one of those goddamn toys that you put in water which expand to like 600x their normal size and get totally unmanageable and soggy and gross and weird looking.
—  Kristin Russo, Everyone Is Gay [x