First impression:

oh wow this person seems awesome ima follow rn

Truth is: 

even more awesome than initially perceived

How old do you look:

late teens

Have you ever made me laugh:


Have you ever made me mad: 


Best feature: 

that whole face thing you got there is p nice

Have I ever had a crush on you:

whaaaaaaattt whatareyoutalkingaboutrightnowohmygoodnessmaybe

You’re my:

 much cooler internet friend

Name in my phone: 

Should you post this too?


New Celestron 44122 600x Magnify Power Biological Microscope Set Optics + Slides

New Celestron 44122 600x Magnify Power Biological Microscope Set Optics + Slides

The perfect device to find and also discover the tiny world we cannot view. The kit consists of 3 ready slides, 3 sampling samples, tweezers, needle probe as well as a diffuser.
New Celestron 44122 600x Magnify Power Biological Microscope Set Optics…

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Komputerbay 128Go SDXC Secure Digital Extended

Komputerbay 128Go SDXC Secure Digital Extended

La carte SD Komputerbay 128Go SDXC Secure Digital Extended est faite pour les professionnelle de la photo et de la vidéo en concevant un rapport qualité/prix très intéressant.

Cette 600X UHS 1 128 Go carte mémoire SDXC Komputerbay vous permet de télécharger et de stocker un grand nombre de photos, musique, vidéos, et autres fichiers multimédias vers votre appareil électronique compatible SDXC.


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Get to know me

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tagged by cafechap

Name: Adam
Nickname: none I can think of
Star sign: Sagittarius
Gender: male
Height: 5’10”ish  
Sexual orientation:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Romantic orientation: same
Favorite color: blue
Time right now: 11:27 PM
Average hours of sleep: 6-7 on school days and 9-11 otherwise
Lucky number: ehhh… 42
Last thing I googled: “Minolta autopak 600x”
Number of blankets I sleep under: now 4 winter 5+ ones even electric!

Favorite fictional character: umm too many to list
Favorite famous people: same as above
Crushes: YES!
Favorite books: airborne trilogy, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, harry potter,

Favorite bands/artists: so much!
Dream trip: Europe … yeah just about anywhere really
Dream job: something dealing with electronics …. Hopefully with the degree I’m working toward

What I’m wearing at the moment: shorts …. And nothing else

people who have the option to do this:

stress-burrito thewiebster rawrimazombie theboyinthecloudss halfbiomaplekingdom sour-zombie

grinderespinosa asked:


This also repesents how much I love you but with like 600x times more hearts..

I promised no negativity and while I’m trying to live up to that

whoo boy do i feel like shit

but im just looking at something and i feel 600x better at being on gundam senpai’s relationship page