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Lady Kay! my friend is choosing to not vaccinate based on religions reasons only. I know that if she doesnt vaccinate she is putting others at risk, especially after reading the 1991 epidemic that killed around 600people in philadelphia because the person didnt vaccinate based on religious reasons. But i dont know what to say to her in case i offend her or something..

I really don’t know what I would say to a friend like this either. 

I find my own personal philosophy very much falls on the side of “your right to swing your fist ends at my face”. People have the right to believe whatever they want or to do with their own bodies whatever they want… but they don’t have the right to put other people in danger. 

Example: If you are a legal adult in this country (>21) you are able to get as drunk as you want. You can do it. You have that right. HOWEVER you do not have the right to get behind the wheel of a car and put other people at risk because your behavior. 

Make sense?

That’s my feeling on vaccines (and on religion, actually). When you choose to not be vaccinated or to not vaccinate your children (for any reason OTHER than a valid medical reason) your fist is connecting with other people’s faces. You are hurting other people and putting other people at risk. That doesn’t seem right to me. 

I also think that everyone has a right to practice their religion in whatever way they see fit… but that religion is what works for them and should NOT be used as a weapon to harm other people. EVER. It’s actually one of the things that really pisses me off when people use their religion to hurt someone else or take away someone else’s rights. It’s really not okay. 

It is a free country and for legal adults, we have the right to make a lot of decisions for our own bodies. 

So, go ahead. Swing your fist around. If you punch yourself, that’s all fine by me. But the MOMENT that your fist connects with someone else… that’s when it needs to stop.