Bad news - please stop using ads on your cc downloads!!!

Today when downloading an item for TS4 from someone’s page who uses ads, my computer got an ad popup malware virus, which started speaking to me and refused to close, then proceeding to lock my computer immediately and did not let me back in safely. When I tried to power on/off it just took me to my log in screen, which I did not dare log into in fear they might get my password. On my lock screen, the same woman’s voice kept speaking on repeat in the background saying things like: “Important security alert, your computer has been affected with a high end attack, we are blocking your IP for further damage. Please consult with our cyber security. Do not use your mouse or turn off your computer.” Etc.

Diagnostics for this is gonna cost me 24 euros, but the probable repairs (IF it is just a malware and nothing more serious) altogether 100 euros, because the shop said they have to reinstall my OS (another 36 euros) and then take out and put back in all my files (another 36+ euros depending on the amount of files, which there are tons of, around 600 GB…so I can expect it will be costly and could go over 100 euros). And If it is worse than just malware, I will likely lose all my personal photos that I don’t yet have backups for (this was a rather new computer), uni files and sims downloads/saves..

See, my salary is very small as a half time teacher, I barely get to buy anything for myself and have quite a few financial responsibilities. I was completely broke on the 30th of October, luckily I was paid yesterday, but still - I was planning on starting saving up for a computer desk because of back problems and having to game on my bed all the time, but now at least 100 euros out of my 500 euro salary goes to repair this computer, all because someone’s CC download had a dangerous ad attached to it… think about this. It’s not normal.

Please switch your ads for a patron, or a donate link - this is not ok!! 

I am really pissed off rn and disappointed beyond belief, because these ads are clearly dangerous, but so many creators just won’t listen to reason…I also didn’t think it was this bad, and I support people getting recognition for their work, but what happened today is simply unacceptable. Personally for me, when and if I get my laptop back safe, I am not downloading anything else with ads on them.

Let this be a warning for all of you who make or download CC.

EDIT and UPDATE: Yes, I was using Malwarebytes. I did not use adblock, due to some downloads not working if you use it (aka being unable to download them). I should have been mostly safe with Malwarebytes though. They contacted me from diagnostics today. My personal files are not affected, the system files are though and the virus was spreading. My computer will be reformatted as I feared, windows and programs reinstalled and files (if they can get everything, hopefully nothing will be skipped accidentally - it is always a risk, I have 600GB of stuff on there…) transfered back. Pray that it goes well please.