LEGO City New 2014 Sets

  • Arctic Snowmobile (60032, 44 pieces, $6.99)
  • Arctic Ice Crawler (60033, 113 pieces, $14.99)
  • Arctic Helicrane (60034, 262 pieces, $39.99)

This new sub-line of the LEGO City theme will contain two further sets. So far my favourite things about them are the huskies and the hood in a new color.

What do you think of these?


Picture of the Day: 60033 Margam 19/03/2008 on Flickr.

Nice little story behind this image, was in South Wales at Port Talbot Steel Works for work, and after my job decided to hunt down Margam TMD. Well it did not disappoint, I was given full access to the Depot and Yard including the scrap line. Sometimes it never hurts to ask!

Quite interesting anyway due to recent news of the last loco’s just left Margam leaving it to be demolished! So another bites the dust, and make me feel lucky to have had this very special private visit.

Full sighting log for that day is listed below here including the Industrial Locos at Part Talbot:

Corus Port Talbot Steelworks 08, 507, 901/02/03/05/08/10/53

Margam Yard 09105 D, 66117 EW, 150251 ARV, 175009 ARV

Margam TMD 08630 EW, 09020 EW, 60017 EW/033 Corus/037/047 EW/067 Fews, 66002/136 EW

Margam Scrapline 08587 EW/900 D, 09011 D/015 EW/102 D, 37403 G/412 FT/ 413/415 EW/428 Scotsman/669/670 EW/675 FT/684 EW/ 692 O/698 LH/798 ML/890 FM/896 FT, 47772 RX, 56062 EW/100 LH