6000 series

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AHHH hello I love ur blog a lot (^-^) and I was wondering if u could do a reaction of chuuya and dazai reacting to their daughters getting in a relation ship with someone. Thanks(^∇^)


• “Over my dead damn body she’s going on a date.”
  “Chuuya, she’s sixteen”

• Chuuya is Captain Over-Protective Dad Series 6000™. He was good at giving his daughter independence until the day some poor soul decided they wanted to date his precious little girl. He doesn’t allow his daughter out on a date with them until he meets the sap and decides if they’re good enough.

• You literally have to blackmail Chuuya into keeping his ability under wraps. All you need is for your daughter’s new lover to ‘accidently’ fly off into fucking space as he walks out the door with your daughter.

• He lives under a banner of avoidance when you bring up safe sex with his daughter. He literally covers his ears and walks out of the room muttering under his breath.

• Despite what Chuuya thinks he knows he should let his daughter date whomever she wants, but he’ll straight say no if he suspects their love interest is bad news on any front. However, that sparks this conversation.
     “They’re shitty, not good enough for you. They aren’t going to a damn thing with their life, and will probably end up in jail or some shit and take you down with them. I can sense these things about people”
     “Is it because you’re a criminal and can sniff out other future criminals?”

• He knows in his heart his daughter has his sass and intuition, he really just doesn’t want her growing up. You have to coax him into not having his subordinates follow her on her date. He’ll pout and drink a little too much and look at her baby pictures before settling himself on the chair to make sure she gets home right on curfew.


• Mafia Dazai comes to say what up the moment his daughter goes into her room to finish getting ready. Of course he told her date to arrive early so he could have some one-on-one time with them. He persuades you to help your daughter do her hair beforehand, and by the time you both realize what he’s done it’s too late.

• He sits with his hands folded over his knees, reclined back a bit with those dark eyes and a sweet smile. He doesn’t ask questions, he tells them about themselves. Their grades, family history, their blood type, the color of their bedroom walls. He lets them know he can end them with a flick of his wrist and then go have a picnic in the middle of the park like it ain’t shit.

• You literally had to threaten a no sex policy if he psycho-analyzed his daughter’s date and made them cry.

• What’s that beeping you say? Oh the tracker you found in your daughter’s earrings because you’ve been married to Dazai long enough to get one of those bug finders they use to sweep people for wires. Dazai just smirks when you shove it in his pocket after exiting the room with your daughter.

• He squishes his daughter’s cheeks and embarrasses the living hell out of her by calling her his old pet name from when she was a baby before they leave. He watches them walk out the door with his arm around your waist as the car drives off into the sunset.

• “There’s a tracker on his car isn’t there”
  “ You know me so well ____~”

One of the many ports of Pac-Man that surfaced in the 80s. This time, it’s for the NEC PC-6000 series of computers, specifically the 6001 and 6001 mk.II.


 Olááááá pessoal !!!

 Ouvi dizer que o pessoal está curioso para ver o novo design do pedal Avenger 6000 Series!

 Então vai aqui em primeiríssima mão a foto do pedal 6000 com seu novo batedor, com ainda mais “pegada” do que antes

 A pegada forte do Avenger deve-se a soma do novo design do batedor com sua corrente dupla.

 Você pode ajustar facilmente a tensão da mola dele. O encaixe para prender no aro do bumbo é de fácil acesso para ajuste e sua base inteiriça possui velcro na parte inferior.

 Na versão dupla, ambos os pedais possuem a base inteiriça.

 Os pedais AVENGER 6000 SERIES (o simples é o 6611 e o duplo é o 6611-DB) são pedais que eu recomendo para quem precisa de um pedal com ação rápida e firme!

(Texto: Roberto Redondano)