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Closer Together (Home Part 2)[Luke Skywalker x Reader]

Part 1

Summary: The reader, now a nurse in the Rebellion, reunites with Luke and joins him as he leads a small group of freedom fighters to the ice planet Hoth.

Warnings: Canonical Character Death, Peril, Minor Blood

Word Count: 6000+

“Y/N!” Biggs Darklighter, who had become one of your closest friends, called you from the doorway of the infirmary on Yavin 4 where you worked. “They rescued the princess!”

You heaved a sigh of relief. Rescuing Leia had been on the front of everyone’s minds. “Who did?” you questioned.

“That’s just it,” Biggs announced, walking over to you. “It was Luke.”

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cmon, dont you know not to interrupt a family reunion?


more corvo + granny rags stuff,, i want to say this was a quick doodle but i spent way too long on it and it still didnt turn out the absolute best but w/e 

Paint (Pt.2) (Reader x Delsin Rowe)
Word Count: 6000 something
A/N: This work is totally unfinished. But here is part 2 if anyone is even reading it haha. There’s some AU in this. If you’ve played the game you’ll know what it is when you see it.

The both of you hadn’t even realised that the dinner had taken up a couple hours of your time. It passed by so fast. It seemed like Delsin and yourself had a lot to talk about and it never felt awkward if you both fell into silence. The city was cold in the evening, though the cool breeze was welcome after the warmth of the pizza place.

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Valentine Fic

Pairing: Dd

Words: ~6000

A/N: Thrown together last minute, I hope it makes sense T.T I’m like a day too late and it’s 1am and I can’t see straight so apologies if it’s all gibberish…

Warnings: Age not stated, might be seen as dubcon (although I didn’t mean it to be), rough-ish sex.

Summary: In which Dick is angry, a punching bag dies, Damian gets more than he bargained for and there is more rough sex than plot

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Angel » Luke Hemmings

Ship: Luke & Y/N

Word Count: 6000+

Rating: NC-17

A/N: I guess this was kind of meant to be a halloweeny kind of one shot but then halloween passed and i was out all weekend and the only thing scary about this one shot is the quality of my writing so ,, , , , ,,, anyway enjoy cute lil whipped luke that I think about more often than is probably healthy

I kinda screwed up the perspective a lil bit so it’s kind of sloppy so sorry

also it’s my first ever one shot so pls send me feedback or whatever or feel free to send me more one shot ideas maybe?? or if you guys would want a sequel let me know :-)

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-blows kiss to the skies-

oh thats sooo cooOoOOL

The Mixtape » Michael Clifford

Ship: Michael & Y/N

Words: 6000+

Rating: NC-17

A/N: I wanna say it was requested but I read the request wrong so i’ll make a right version for you soon but in the mean time here is best friend michael that makes me weak at the knees that should distract you until i finish my calum christmas one shot v soon

happy holidays anyway you guys i hope you all have an amazing break and i hope you enjoy this and i’m almost at my new year goal but like tysm for all following me it means so much and all ur sweet messages ily all!!

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climb is all we know

summary: The war never really ends, not really. — Effie during the Rebellion, and healing. Mainly Hayffie, some Everlark. Strong M lol.

a/n: 6000 words gd that’s a lot. My writer’s block faded around 3:25 AM and don’t question why I was up when it’s the start of winter break because lol. I sincerely hope this means I’m back on my hayffie grind, but, well, we’ll see where my inspiration takes me. 

ps — the title comes from my absolute favorite song in the world and it’s called “wash.” by bon iver. it’s better read on fanfiction because of the format but, if you really want to read it here i will put it under the break.

tw: implications of self-harm and suicide attempt, mentions of rape (not-graphic) and torture (semi-graphic; will be a continuing motif throughout), substance abuse, strong language, and consensual sexual situations. read at risk. 

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Effie Trinket is thirty-four but she looks forty-five and feels eighty. It’s when she spills her water on accident — three day’s worth, unfortunately — and sums up the courage to look at herself in the murky pool, that she realizes this.

She isn’t pretty, but they’ve got her feeling like she never was. The Capitol’s sweetheart, sex symbol and poster child for the city’s cosmetic metropolitan, has been washed with her own blood and sweat and tears; powdered makeup and red lipstick has been replaced with a swollen face and chapped lips, and a toned, slender figure has been replaced with a skeleton with skin clinging to her bones like spandex. It’s gruesome and a bit disheartening, really. From the tallies they’ve etched on her skin (a calendar, if you will), she’s been here for four weeks and it’s been too long.

She isn’t dying, but she might as well be.

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