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“My 600 Pound Life” Rant

Everytime I watch an episode of My 600 Pound Life, I find myself thinking, “Well, aren’t you lucky.”. Seriously, I’d love to be even half the size of some of the people on that show. I hate it when they complain too, they say they hate being this big. Life is nearly impossible to live at their size, that they can’t stand to look look at themselves in the mirror everyday. That they feel like a gross, disgusting monster. The ones who are immobile get me jealous the most. So in short, everyone on that show hate their body.

If I were there size, I’d learn to enjoy weighing over a quarter ton. Not just enjoy it, but love it. Love every second of being that big, love being completely out of shape, love eating enough for a family of 4. Basically, love every aspect, problem, and everything else that coming with weighing over a quarter ton. I’d tell those people to stop complaining and enjoy their humongous body, like I would myself. 

Zhang Yixing//Sovereign - Part 1

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Summary: Two kingdoms are at war with another, and being the illegitimate warrior, wildcard princess, you’re appointed to the war council - along with the youngest prince of your allied country, Prince Yixing. He’s arrogant, believes he knows best no matter what - but you’re exactly the same. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8)
Scenario: Royalty!AU 
Word Count: 2,823

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iowa culture is that time a few years back when animal rights activists broke into the display case of the state fair’s famous annual 600 pound butter cow sculpture in the middle of the night and covered it in red paint and the butter cow workers had to call the butter cow sculptor at 4 am to come over and scrape red paint off the butter cow and everyone was outraged for like 8 weeks

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Do you know of any blogs that have men in *practical* armor though? I'm aware there are plenty of blogs with pictures of male characters without their genitals hanging out but like in reaction to the bikini armor trend, it's really easy to find women in reasonable armor while fantasy men are still stuck with ugly 600-pound spiky chunks of metal on their shoulders. I have been searching for years.

So you want realistic armour as opposed to oversized spiky exaggerations, right? I feel you, that’s my jam, too. But… I don’t think it’s hard to find male portraits like that. Like, at all.

Here, I went to ArtStation, and did a simple search for “Knight”. (Search parametres: Sort by Likes, Don’t show PRO member artwork first.) I immediately found these wonderful images, WITHOUT HAVING TO SCROLL DOWN. Do you have any idea how deep I need to dig to find female portraits with similar aesthetics? My sweet summer child, you don’t want to know.  :p

[credits: seungmin Kim , Isaias Kiister , Ariel Perez , Andrzej Marszalek , Vladimir Buchyk ]

I’m afraid I don’t know of any blog that specialises in what you ask. (I’m sure there are, I just don’t know them. If anyone can give a link, please do.) The good news is that you can search for such portraits yourself, quite easily, in ArtStation or DeviantArt or hey, Google Images. You can even make your dream blog yourself, that would be great. :D

Good luck, and may you ever find the perfect portrait for your characters. :)


The Turtle Ships of Medieval Korea,

In 1592, the de facto ruler of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, ordered the  invasion of Korea.  Hideyoshi, the successor to Oda Nobunaga, had grandiose plans which began with the conquest of Korea and ended with the conquest of Ming Dynasty China.  Little did he know that the Koreans would fiercely resist their invasion, nor did he know that the Koreans had weapons technology far more advanced than that of Japan.  Among that advanced technology was a heavily armed and armored warship called the “turtle ship”, a tough and mighty gunboat that better resembled a floating tank rather than a ship.

Invented by the Korean Admiral Yi Sun-sin, the turtle ship was named as such because it resembled a turtle.  Unlike other vessels of the day, the turtle was enclosed in an armored shell.  Around 100 to 120 feet long, the turtle ship featured a large armored roof to protect its crew from arrow or musket fire.  While some suggest the armor may have been iron plate, thus making the turtle ship the first ironclad, most historians disagree.  Regardless the roof was armored with strong materials as well as anti-incendiary materials.  The roof was also lined with metal spikes to prevent boarders from climbing on to it.  While the turtle ship had two sailing masts, primary propulsion in combat was from oar power.  Crew numbered to around 130, with 80 oarsmen and officers, and another 50 marines.

While the Japanese had firearms, Korean technology had developed far past Japan’s due to their contact with China.  The key to the turtle ship’s power were its heavy cannon, about a dozen mounted on each side.  The Japanese, who never mounted guns on a boat or ship, preferred to get in close and board the ship, fighting in hand to hand combat.  Against the turtle ship, this wasn’t a very good idea as the cannon, with a range of 300-600 yards, pounded away at the Japanese ships from a distance.  The front of the turtle ship also sported a dragon’s head, which typically concealed a flamethrower.  A sulfur gas thrower was also available to create a smokescreen to hide the ship from the enemy.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi invaded Korea with a force of 158,000 soldiers and Samurai.  However, all of his men and equipment had to be shipped across the Sea of Japan.  Thus, Hideyoshi needed tremendous naval power to support the invasion.  Although heavily outnumbered, Korea’s fleet of 40 turtle ships, as well as hundreds of other warships, harassed and decimated the Japanese fleet.  At the Battle of Hansan Island, Admiral Yi Sun-sin ambushed a Japanese fleet of 133 ships with his fleet of 3 turtle ships and 52 panokseons (a traditional battleship wihch was also armed with cannon).  In the ensuing battle, 60 Japanese ships were sunk.  The Koreans lost no ships of their own, with casualties numbering only 19 dead.

Despite the might of Korea’s fleet and the power of the turtle ships, eventually the Japanese were able to overwhelm the Koreans with superior numbers.  The Japanese invasion was a success, but a short lived one as the Chinese intervened, pushing out the invaders with a superior army.  Hideyoshi attempted a second invasion in 1597, but by then the Koreans had strengthened their defense and reformed their military.  The second invasion quickly ground down into stalemate, a stalemate which would be ended once against with Chinese interventions.

YOI Crack headcanons

*Otabek goes full blown 1950s housewife whenever he gets bored. He’d clean and buff every surface of the house at least five time and bake twice as many pies if there’s any ingredients for them. Yuri even bought him a lacy pink apron with frills as a joke; Otabek wears it while cooking

*Seung-Gil is so repulsed by woman that he pronounces female like you’d pronounce tamale

*Minami once asked his coach choreograph a routine to the Gummi Bear song. The man actually did it

*JJ once went through a phase where he’d only communicate in memes. Leo was called upon to translate, naturally

*Viktor went though the same phase but with Russian memes. It was not a good time for Yakov

*Yuuri runs the HowToBasic channel and has even had Viktor help him with some of the…recipes. Yuri walked into them once slapping Yuuri’s leg with a fish

*Guang-Hong is the second sassiest of the FS group, right behind Yuuri. He loves roasting Leo

*Phichit is a heathen who eats pop tarts without the frosting

*Yuuri knows the entirety of Cruel Angel’s Thesis on the clarinet. Why the clarinet? He doesn’t know, it was just fitting

*Yurio knows the dance to the nyanya song from Macross Frontier and does it when he’s bored. Otabek has a video but shhh don’t tell Yura

*Otabek wants to grow out his hair long so he’s not compared to JJ anymore but he’d rather die than go through the bowl cut faze Yuri went through. He loves him but those were not his best few years.

*Christophe hates the word moist with a burning passion. It makes him so uncomfortable that it’s turned into a game amongst his friends to see who can fit it into a conversation as many times as possible. He has decked a few people.

*Phichit went through a furry phase and even ordered a custom-made hamster fursuit from Japan. He still has nightmares

*JJ broke his thumb once while doing his pose after he tried to bend it too far. He still insists it’s from slamming in a door because honestly? That’s less embarrassing.

*Michele and Sara start finishing each other’s sentences when they’re in the flow of things. When they’re really concentrated they’ll start speaking at the same time.

*Michele has his sister’s name tattooed on his lower back and Sara has his on her thigh. Anyone who’s seen them change at the same time has reported high levels of creeped out-ness.

*Seung-Gil listen to Nicki Minaj and Miss Elliott when he works out. He’s been caught twerking to them a few times by his coach.

*Leo will go bankrupt tipping servers. Seriously he leaves like $50 every time. It’s sweet but homeboy needs to chill.

*Georgi will rock out to Vitas on any given day. He loves the singer’s passion and creativity

*Mila can bench press 600 pounds. Seriously, she’s jacked.


Food Addictions

I think the reason that its so easy for people to shame those with a food addiction is because it’s the only addiction, at least that I can think of, that can’t be romanticized. You can’t create anything sexy from needing processed sugars and fats.

Not only that, but beating a food addiction is so hard. You can’t quit food like you can quit smoking. You need food. But like smoking, food can be used as a coping mechanism. Many obese people became that way after experiencing overwhelming trauma. And it’s easy to tell yourself that you need that cookie as energy to fuel yourself through the day. That it’s just one small thing. It’s so easy to blur the line between what is food you need and what is food you want.

On top of that, people who struggle with a food addiction struggle more because they don’t have a support system. Nobody takes food addictions seriously. Most people don’t believe they even exist. To most, an obese person is someone to mock. There’s scientific proof that processed foods are habit forming. Children who are given processed foods are way more likely to have a poor diet or a food addiction into their adult life. People need to stop claiming that there aren’t risks to food addictions. The reality is that obesity kills people all the time. Its so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it. People with any addiction need support.

April Fic Rec!

Guys! I don’t think any one of my posts as ever been as popular as my February-March fic rec, so thank you so much!! I hope you like this one :)

Validation (4k); Or the one where Harry worked in a parking garage and he totally didn’t mean for this, the whole validation of people as well as their parking tickets, to become a thing. It just kinda…did.

In This Light (4k): Harry gets a position on the school yearbook staff, which is fine until he falls in love with Louis Tomlinson through the lens of his camera.

Ain’t My Fault (7k): “Liam, M4M is for sex! You posted in a sex forum about your missing jacket.” Liam posts an ad on the wrong section of Craigslist, Louis is pretty sure they’re gonna get murdered as a result, and Harry’s missing an avocado.

Worlds Away (7k): astronaut au fic where Louis is staying on the international space station and Harry is on earth working ground control and he and Louis have really quiet late night chats after most of the workers are gone and get to know each other in the biggest long distance relationship u could ever have…then eventually Louis comes back to earth and they have a beautiful meeting

for a spell that can’t be broken (8k): A Harry Potter AU where Louis’ got a secret crush on Harry and won’t admit it until a late entrance into potions class outs him.

Nora (8k); Harry works at an adoption centre and lets Louis adopt his favourite cat.

Awe (8k, WIP, 2/?): Louis held his breath as he watched Harry squat, thick thighs flexing and straining under the thin fabric of his athletic shorts.  He watched Harry bite down on his plump, kissable bottom lip and slip his large hand under the center of the sofa.  He watched as Harry’s bicep bunched and bulged under the seeming effort and he watched, miraculously, as Harry exhaled and lifted the 600 pound sofa up and over his head.

Make Him Want to Sin (9k): Harry is a curatorial assistant at the London Museum of Natural History, on the day of the big annual gala he catches a glimpse of someone unexpected.

What’s Stopping You? (14k): Or, the one where Harry wants to get over his crush on Louis, so he makes a Grindr account to find someone new. Of course, Louis messages him, not realizing H’s real identity. It only takes a few days for them to figure it out.

The Love Hour (17k): Or the fic where Harry is a love Guru and Louis needs relationship advice. Lots of it.

You could be 600 pounds and if you like yourself that way, it’s none of my business if you express self-love. It’s not my body, not my choice. Mind 👏🏾 your 👏🏾 busi👏🏾ness👏🏾

Phil appeared on my 600 pound life in 1996 at the age of 9 to remove his 6 chins but this episode never aired as his mother thought that it would bring shame to the family and would cause a custody battle between her and his father who at the time were separated. 


Happy International Tiger Day!  🐅

Today we celebrate our favorite big cat!  Tigers are the biggest cats on our planet:  Did you know that tigers can grow to over 10 feet long and over 600 pounds?!  Their easily recognizable stripes are even unique:  No two tigers have the same pattern of stripes!  Show your tiger stripes by helping to save these endangered beauties!

Who the hell am I to think I could ever stop? I mean seriously, I couldn’t stop eating if I wanted to. I certainly can’t stop myself from growing wider and wider and my skin stretching to its limits and I damn sure can’t stop wondering just how far I will allow my fatness to bloom….

Today is the first time in a while that I really, and I mean really looked at my growing body.. as if FEELING the repercussions of my gluttony wasn’t already enough, I sure did have the visual proof.
*me to myself*
I mean damn girl just look at that fucking gut.. the summer is coming soon how are you gonna hide THAT??? How will you stop people from assuming you’re pregnant? Are you pregnant?? because you are humongous and maybe you didn’t realize just how much you’ve expanded until now.. you can’t even suck it in any longer without your back hurting like crazy, although then again when doesn’t your back hurt? All that fat pulling at your back muscles.. walking a block feels like walking a mile, you can barely tie your shoes, you can’t fit ANYTHING.. I mean when will you stop? You’re ballooning into a blimp.. pretty soon you will be 600 pounds still stuffing food into your greedy mouth wondering how just how much more your body could possibly grow. You have no self control and you mine as well accept your fate. Look at you.

—  Akemicakes