600 b&w

Spoiler Alert: The Impossible Project has merged with Polaroid and will be releasing new film and cameras tomorrow! Many have already figured this out by now and I just wanted to point a few things out because many people are disappointed that “this is all”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but standard Polaroid film was on the edge of being gone forever in 2008. The entire point of The Impossible Project was to continue making standard, integral type film for Polaroid cameras. Without chemicals being made any longer, it was not possible for them to simply pick up where the Polaroid company left off. They had to recreate every aspect of the film in order for it to produce images. I received some of the very first test packs of this film and it was a mess. It took a while to get a hang of shooting differently, but at the end of the day, I was still able to use my SX-70 camera and looked forward to them developing new films. These days people still don’t understand that Impossible was doing everything they could to make the best film they can. If they could have just picked up and made film the same exact way, they would have done so. From 2010 until today, I’ve continued shooting their film. Every batch seemed to create a better quality film and in some cases, results has nearly identical tones to the beloved Time-Zero Polaroid film. Their black and white surpasses the quality of Polaroid 600 B&W by a long-shot. This to me, is amazing. That brings us to today: They aren’t bringing back packfilm, Time-Zero chemicals aren’t going to magically reappear, film isn’t going to be cheaper, there isn’t going to be 10 photos in the pack and it’s still going to take longer than original Polaroid film to develop. When I hear that people are disappointed, I am confused. What did you realistic think would happen? Impossible has never promised to do any of these things. They have owed us nothing from the beginning. They are more passionate than any of us. It’s their life continuing the production. So be grateful as to how far they have come. Be excited for what may come of this re-branding, possibilities we do not know can happen…But please manage your expectations. The fact that “Polaroid” is returning to it’s roots in the film world should be exciting. Analog is staying strong in 2017! This hype is totally justified.