A few people have been asking where I get the clips for my gifs, so I compiled a list, which I will update. I just want to stress that I do not use bootlegs, I respect the hell out of Lin and all of the actors and crew. 

All 60 Minutes videos (Interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Backstage tour, and Cast album recording)

Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

Hamilton Clips: Hip-Hop Musical about the making of America

Broadway.com clips

Hamilton Montage

“Hamilton” A founding father takes to the stage

Steve Richard Braithwaite in this months YOGA magazine

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Pick up a copy of this months Yoga Magazine to read a special 60 minute interview with Steve Richard Braithwaite talking all about the world of Mind Fitness and more.

Get your copy from the website here: http://www.yogamagazine.com

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This interview just annoyed the hell out of me. Okay, firstly lets start off with ’Then there’s Harry. The biggest heartthrob of them all' I understand where she’s coming with him always being the icon of the group (not that it’s his choice) and him being in the media more than the rest of them but my question is why does Harry have to be on his own for the interview? What makes him so special that you have to split him from the rest of the boys? What questions do you need to ask him that you can’t ask the others? Yes, recently they have been split into 2 groups (most likely; Harry and Niall in one group and Louis, Zayn and Liam in the other) but this. You just put Harry on his own and said that he’s the most popular shall I say? And you also focused the interview more on him than the other 4 members of the band. Yes, that’s right! There’s 5 members! I love Harry so much but why have you gotta always make him superior to the others? 

Then there was the fact that Louis’ and Zayn’s cut of the interview was less than a minute long. Less. Than. One. Minute. Long. One question. One answer. Less than a minute. Out of the full nearly 11 minute clip of the interview, less than a minute was of Louis and Zayn. Liam’s and Niall’s was varied as they did have more than a minute. But there was more Harry than the rest put together. I just dont understand why it was put like this. You must frickin absolutely adore Harry more than the rest.

Basically, all I’m saying is that why is Harry on his own and why does Louis and Zayn only one minute footage? I love Harry as much as the rest but I really dont understand why he’s favourited over the rest. Just put them all together in one room and do the interview all together and make it fair.


anonymous asked:

holaaaa what video did you get clips from for your ham edit with bonnie & clyde lyrics?

(edit ? anon) or do you know where i can find stills from videos? or a video with philip’s death

hey! i hope this helps!

theres also some show clips from the 60 minutes interview, but i cannot find those videos right now on my blog and they appear to be removed from youtube

as for stills, i use broadway.com and playbill.com the most to find production photos (the ny times and some other publications have some too) or i just take my own screencaps of the videos i have and edit those

CBS to air unaired David Bowie '60 Minutes' interviews

@CBS to air unaired #DavidBowie #60Minutes interviews @DavidBowieReal @60Minutes

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CBS is set to debut unaired interview segments of David Bowie on 60 Minutes on Sunday, January 24th. The segments, which are currently online, are pulled from interviews Bowie did with program between May and September 2003 for a 60 Minutes profile segment that never happened. Since his death on January 10th from cancer at the age of 69, the network decided to finally air the raw clips. (more…)

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'60 Minutes' Bowie interview 15 years of missed connections

NEW YORK, N.Y. - A brief “60 Minutes” piece on the late David Bowie that aired Sunday was the result of a 15-year journey of missed connections involving three of the newsmagazine’s correspondents and a rock star gone underground.

Bowie talked about his artistry and getting old in interview clips from 2003 that were never aired before Sunday on “60 Minutes.” The rock star died of cancer at age 69 on Jan. 10.

Robert Zimet, an editor at “60 Minutes,” proposed an in-depth profile of Bowie for the newsmagazine in 2000, and correspondent Ed Bradley was assigned.

Before much was done, the 2001 terrorist attacks happened. Then the Iraq War. A rock-star profile wasn’t a priority.

The idea was resurrected as Bowie prepared his “Reality” album and tour in 2003, and Zimet and producer Peter Klein travelled to Woodstock, New York, to record some material and conduct preliminary interviews. Bradley was to follow but the correspondent, who died in 2006, became ill and had to cancel.

Zimet convinced Mike Wallace to take over the story and arrangements were made for an interview in Poughkeepsie, New York, where Bowie was performing in advance of his tour. Wallace, who was in his mid-80s at the time, fell on vacation and doctors ordered him to take it easy.

“60 Minutes” got yet another correspondent involved — Lesley Stahl — and she spoke with Bowie. There wasn’t enough time to do the in-depth interview that the show wanted before Bowie had to leave for his European tour, however.

It was on this tour, in 2004, when Bowie suffered a heart attack and receded from public view. He stopped giving interviews. When Bowie surprised his fans with the 2013 album, “The Next Day,” Zimet approached his camp to complete the profile but was rebuffed. It was the same thing late in 2015, when Zimet learned that the “Blackstar” disc was coming.

The 2003 footage remained on a shelf at CBS until Zimet took it out to include in an online story about Bowie’s death. His bosses took notice and the material was used on “CBS This Morning” and in the brief piece introduced by Bill Whitaker on Sunday.

“I had never given up hope that at some point we would be able to complete this,” Zimet said. “It was a good interview. He was a great subject. I always had hope. Unfortunately, it was not the way I wanted it to get on the air.”

New Post has been published on XplicitGH.com

New Post has been published on http://www.xplicitgh.com/lena-dunham-on-hollywood-diversity-we-have-a-serious-problem/

Lena Dunham On Hollywood Diversity: “We Have a Serious Problem”

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Lena Dunham is the latest celeb to blast Hollywood for its diversity problem.

The Girls creator says all the studios need to do is take a look at the “incredibly talented and diverse voices” at the Sundance Film Festival.

“If the studio system is ignoring these voices then we have a very serious problem and they are and the fact is this dialogue and the promises that the Academy has made is the beginning of shifting that, but what really needs to happens is that people need to take notice and give resources to these voices,” Dunham just told me at the Sundance premiere of Suited, her new HBO documentary about the Bindle and Keep tailoring company that designs for people across the entire gender spectrum.

“The idea that there aren’t enough diverse filmmakers or there aren’t enough woman filmmakers to give jobs to, it’s simply a fallacy and I know that because I’m here and I’m seeing the movies,” she said.

Dunham’s producing partner Jenni Konner added, “Television is really proof of that. Television is really starting to show diversity and so the film business has to follow. They have no choice.”

Hollywood’s diversity issue has been a hot topic at Sundance.

Spike Lee told me yesterday that he will continue to boycott this year’s Oscars.

Even so, he praised Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs for her swift action to try to diversify the organization’s membership.

“I really think all the discussion is good because it’s been the elephant in the room,” he said. “Now, let’s put everything out on the table. Let’s put it out there and discuss it.”

Bob Marley interviewed by George Negus in 1979
  • Reporter:You made a lot of money out of you're music?
  • Bob:Money? I mean, how much is a lot of money to you?
  • Reporter:That's a good question. Have you made, say millions of dollars?
  • Bob:No.
  • Reporter:Are you a rich man?
  • Bob:What you mean rich, what ya mean?
  • Reporter:Do you have a lot of possessions? Lot of money in the bank?
  • Bob:Possession make you rich? I don't have that type of richness. My richness is life, forever.
60 Minutes - Interviews, Profiles, Reports & Episodes - CBS News

60 Minutes – Interviews, Profiles, Reports & Episodes – CBS News

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cbsnews.com Visit 60 Minutes on CBS News: Watch the most successful television broadcast in history, offering investigative reports, interviews, feature segments, episodes and profiles. posted by friends:  (3) @RichardBistrong: An incredibly disturbing @60minutes via @charmian & @global_witness #lawyers, the #law, #FCPA & #AML


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