I got a 62 for my linguistics essay which I know isn’t that bad but I thought it was so much better??
Like normally I write essays and I’m like yeah whatever that’ll do but I worked really hard on this one bc I love linguistics and I love my lecturer but apparently I lost a lot of marks bc it wasn’t the right style? I wrote it more like a psychology essay bc that’s what I’m used to writing but he gave me a lot of criticism for it, and I just feel kinda shit bc for the first time ever I actually feel like I let my lecturer down and I really wanted to impress him :(
And I know I’m probably overreacting but I’m v tired and ugh


there is no set path for all of humanity to walk on. we’re not all going to do the same things, at the same times, in the same way. there’s no specific time in your life when you must do something or nothing else is going to work out. (x)

Fairy Tail Week 2016 - Day 5: S Class

Icon made by @shadoouge whom I would like to dedicate this little drabble to ;w; *throws you love* Wish her a good day guys~ she deserves it.

“You’re seriously challenging me?”

“Why wouldn’t I! You’re the enemy now! This is W A R!”

“Enemy? Don’t you think you’re taking this a little too seriously?”

“No way! Last time our S-Class trial got totally screwed over. There’s no way in hell I’m losing this one! Especially to you…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Lucy growled, clutching her hands into fists. Now she regretted not laughing at him as he suffered on the boat ride here. “And why are you following us anyway? Me and Levy found this clearing first.”

“We’re not following you, me and Happy were coming here anyway.” The pink haired boy folded his arms, pouting somewhat as he glanced in the direction Happy had flew off in.

She had to admit she was quite excited herself. Last time she had been in this S-Class test it had been alongside Cana, but this time it was because she had qualified to go in the test and that in itself was an honour. She’d come so far since last time after all.

There had been six of them chosen again, and all of them were eager to not let anyone beat them; Cana who for once had not stated she would quit the guild whether she won or lost, Gray, Juvia, Lucy, Natsu and Lisanna. All of them were strong, but Erza had raised bars since she had become guild master and it was going to be hard to prove worthy in her eyes. Not to mention she seemed to be having a lot of fun with the trials, the first one had been to find a clue and it had been something to do with the ingredients for a strawberry cake and now they were off on a goose chase to find an entrance to take the maze to their fights. Having only six of them instead of eight made the odds easier, only two of them would get Mirajane and Erza herself. The other’s would fight one another. But that being said, if Natsu was taking the same route, she and him would end up battling one another. And she wasn’t really sure of her odds there, especially when he was on a power switch lately due to a dilemma or two occurred in the past about him overusing his magic. That gave her an advantage of course but she wanted it to be a fair fight, and saying that, it wasn’t like Natsu only needed magic to win a fight. But she also had a thought that maybe he would go easy on her and then he would lose so either way she would be left feeling guilty.

“So how did you figure out the clues?”

“Easy, the clue was Erza’s favourite cake.”

She gave him a blank look, obviously it was Erza’s favourite cake; and the reason Lucy had tracked down this area was because her and Levy had narrowed down to the fact that the entrance had to do with something on the ingredients. The only things that could possibly be in the wildlife would be strawberries. And luckily, Lucy had gotten pretty good at recognising plants so they tracked down the strawberry bushes and followed the way. Hence how they had ended at this clearing- trying to find the entrance to the caves they were supposed to tunnel their way through.

“Yeah, obviously that was the clue. How did you know to come here?”


She raised her brows, he had no answer heh, all because he followed them..


“It smells like strawberries here.”

Her expression fell, a completely unimpressed one replacing it in seconds.

“You mean you didn’t even try to figure it out? You’re just going on a smell?”

“What else would a bunch of words in a recipe mean.” He gave her an easy smile, Happy fluttering back to his side.

She shrugged, a little annoyed that no effort in the slightest led him to the exact same spot. And if she was being honest… then maybe she was annoyed because she wanted to win as badly as Natsu. Why not!? Everyone else got into this game, and so could she. Lucy wasn’t going down without a fight, and it would be so glorifying to be the one to win. To win before Natsu, before Gray, even Cana it would be interesting.

“Nothing that way Natsu, did you check this way?”

“No not yet buddy,” he moved in closer to the cat, his hand covered over even though his voice came out nothing like a whisper, “Lucy probably wants to steal our answers.”

The little cat covered his mouth with his paws in complete awe, “Lucy, don’t cheat!”

“Hey!!” She barked, glancing back for her own teammate that had ran off to look. “I’m not! No one’s cheating. Well, according to you.” Lucy huffed once more, before she too lit up as a certain blue team mate of her own appeared through the bushes.

“Lu-chan!” The girl called out, that petite head pushing through a strawberry bush in an acute way.

“Yeah? Did you find anything?” Lucy asked, stepping forward, her boots avoiding the vines on the ground.

“Actually yes, I found the-“

Lucy gave her a glare, shutting her up immediately, Levy’s face growing stricken by the sudden rage on the blonde’s face. But it was too late, the boy with pink hair had already heard, and she could practically feel him grinning from ear to ear without even turning around.

“Don’t you dare…” She warned, slowly turning her head so that there was a scary face to withhold her angry tone of voice.

“Race ya Luce!!” Natsu laughed, Lucy almost diving to rush ahead as he bolted past her in the most childish way possible. There was no way in hell she was going to let that trouble maker get there first. In all attempts to catch up, she shoved herself through the gap of the bush Levy was peeking through.

Ohoh… if Natsu wanted a war… he was getting one. No more being nice.

you’re going to have to give me a minute to just enjoy this feeling || for cowboy angel preston garvey

earth angel - frankie valli & the four seasons | (they long to be) close to you - the carpenters |  i’m beginning to see the light - the ink spots with ella fitzgerald | my sweet loving man - skeeter davis | only you - anderson east | halo (vintage motown cover) - postmodern jukebox | precious little things - the supremes  |  the nearness of you - ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong |  you’d be so nice to come home to - helen merrill with clifford brown | the wonder of you - the platters

PSA 1/23/16

Hey guys.

Sorry if I haven’t been too active on Tumblr… this week of the new year has been kind of a pain in the butt.

Besides school assignments (which I still need to do) and chatting with my sin squad, I’ve experienced a cold over night on Monday and it kind of made my week even worse. Major key points of them including wonkier sleeping habits and blood loss… I hate the US system when it comes to sick days seriously.

For today, while it’s continuing to snow outside, I’ll see what I can do. Besides several reblogs of SFW/NSFW content, I’ll try answering some asks/messages, drawing more requests, and writing edits for chapter 3 of my fic on AO3 and then post that alternative route. I am just a weird 18-year-old high school student on the internet after all.

Thanks for reading this. You all have a good time now!