60's paperbacks

I was disappointed that we got so famous, because as musicians, we were a really good band in the early days, and the more fame that we got, the more the audience screamed and the more that we did just 20 or 30 minute shows of our latest singles. The musicianship kind of went out the window. […]
[T]he last tour we did, I remember trying to do ‘Paperback Writer,’ which had a kind of double tracked vocal and all that stuff and it was a bit embarrassing at the time. I remember this isn’t making it, this doesn’t sound very good. So I don’t know, but the Beatle tours were something else. You would have had to have been there to know how ridiculous it was. There was no way we could have continued under those circumstances.
—  George Harrison on whether he was ever disappointed about The Beatles ending touring when they did, Undercover, 1990′s