60's fashion

Online shop which sell inspired/ vintage 60's, 70's, 80's (hippy, mod...) inspired clothes:

I know how hard it is to find vintage or inspired vintage clothes so I decided to make this list of my favorite online shop where you can find groovy clothes (sorry for my bad english) hope it will help you ! :) :

Pop Boutique : my favorite, they sell awesome vintage inspired clothes and cute 60’s inspired dresses ! Not very expensive (x, x)

Modcloth : If you’re from Europe and can’t buy in the USA like me don’t click on this link because it will break your heart in two since it’s probably one of the best place of internet where you can find awesome vintage inspired clothes ! A bit expensive  (x)

Nasty Gal : Same as Modcloth, with a vintage section, really cool hippy inspired clothes and hot band t-shirt ! Unfortunately they’re more and more expensive (x)

Dahlia : pretty and original vintage inspired clothes, awesome dresses and shirt, one of my favorite :) (it’s a bit expensive but original !)  (x)

Cooperative (from Urban Outfitters) : they sell awesome vintage inspired clothes like shirts and collar dresses and shirts, a bit expensive. (x)

Waiste : they sell awesome vintage clothes (from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s) for a very great price, cute kimonos and hippy jewels ! Not very expensive (x)

Ark : Here they sell cute mod collar dresses for a cheap price !  (x)

Minkpink : Awesome hippy inspired clothes, a bit expensive. (x,x,x)

Motel : Cool vintage inspired clothes, a bit expensive but original ! (x)

MissGuided: You can find really cool vintage inspired clothes like dresses with flowers, collar, hat, skirts, kimono… Not expensive (x)

Boohoo : Same as missguided (x)

Allegra: New online shop with awesome festival/hippy inspired clothes and accessories. Not very expensive (x) 

Yayer: Online shop who sell cool inspired and real vintage outift. As cool as Nasty Gal :) not very expensive (x)

2015 updates 

PYLO: 60s, 70s (and 90s) inspired outfits, they have amazing flares pants ! Not very expensive. (x)

Stoned Immaculate: 60s and 70s inspired outfits. It’s probably one of my fav, everything is so beautiful and look really vintage !!! They also have a vintage section. Unfortunately it’s expensive but totally worth it if you want a nice piece. (x) 

Sugar High Love Stoned: Groupie inspired outfits (60s and 70s), it’s so awesome, they have beautiful velvet catsuit and everything is so unique !!! Just like Stones Immaculate it’s expensive but it’s so unique that it totally worth the price too. (x) 

Sassy World: 80s and 90s inspired outfits with a vintage section. It’s very colorful, awesome and unique ! Not expensive. (x) 

Moon Dance Shop : 60s and 70s outfits, they sell very cute crochet tops ! Not expensive. (x) 

Out Of The Ordinary : 60s and 70s outfits (but I don’t know if that’s because of the trend), they have awesome dresses, very psychedelic. Not very expensive. (x)

Nine Lives Bazaar : 60s and 70s inspired outfits, it’s awesome and the prints are soooo beautiful and very unique ! A bit expensive. (x)

Free People : You can can find boho inspired clothing, lot of cute shoes and coat, very cool. A bit expensive. (x) 

Willowscall : 60s and 70s inspired outfits, they have awesooome velvet flares dungarees ! Also it’s handmade ! A bit expensive (x) also on Depop 

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