60's comics


Finished doodling some doodles of my characters (at least enitial designs) for a new comic idea - still untitled! It’s super hard to come up with a good comic title, or title in general. Euuuuuuu. I’m super excited to get balls deep into this comic, though. I wanna set it in the mid to late 90′s, take inspiration from a lot of movies like The Craft, Scream, Heathers, Donnie Darko and a cheeky hint of Mean Girls and Kick Ass. It’s going to be kind of a mystery-horror, but mainly aiming for melancholic teenage years type of vibe with some disturbing elements. I dunno, it’s still cooking in the oven. Planning on getting it printed, and being a full on Graphic Novel, have a kickstarter, a following.. Might start a Youtube later in the year to start a platform and help promote it.