60's appreciation


Just to let you know I will be doing 2 on this ship. I will be doing one based on their comic personalities as well as their characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU will be done first, as it will be much easier to research through, taking less time and getting to you quicker. Their comic book personalities will come at a later date because there are numerous iterations of the characters since the early 1940′s for Steve and the early 60′s for Tony.

I appreciate the participation and I will keep you updated on my progress.


“It’s no coincidence that the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan is seen listening to pop music in her first appearance. A mystery to her teachers Ian and Barbara, she was a mixture of the ordinary and exotic.”

"With Doctor Who’s cast originally devised as a surrogate family, history teacher Barbara Wright was a sensible and strong matriarch, a figure common to 60’s dramas like Coronation Street.”

"When space orphan Vicki arrived in 1965, Doctor Who entered the swinging 60’s. She might have been shipwrecked in the future, but her startling mini dress and cheeky attitude were definitely 1965!”

"At home in the company of ‘the Avengers’ and 007, Sara Kingdom was as 1965 as the Beatles.”

Dodo Chaplet was a new spin on the surrogate granddaughter’s the Doc kept acquiring. With her fashionable, sometimes Northern accent, unisex haircut and Bob Dylan cap, she looked like she’d wandered into the TARDIS from the front row of a Rolling Stones or small faces gig.”

"1960’s it Girl Polly changed forever the perception of the Doctor Who girl. Previously portrayed as either teenage girls or mature women, Polly was in her early 20’s, stylish, sexy and the authentic face of swinging London.”

“As Polly’s replacement producer Innes Lloyd reversed the Adam Adamant Lives format so that the Doctor was accompanied by a young Victorian lady, Victoria.

“Space travel was very much in vogue in 1968. With a career as an astrophysicist, kinky boots and catsuits, Zoe Heriot was a cute space oddity”

Those inspiring 60’s Who ladies (pictures and quotes from the ‘girls, girls, girls’ feature on the Romans DVD)