60's party


On this day in music history: August 24, 1967 - Following a performance by The Who at Atwood Stadium on August 23rd, the band and numerous guests attend a birthday party held for drummer Keith Moon at the Holiday Inn in Flint, MI. The party is put on by the bands record label Decca Records and Premier Drums to celebrate the drummers 21st birthday. The celebration goes on into the early morning hours and degenerates into drunken debauchery and mayhem, with Moon leading the way. Party goers allege that a highly inebriated Moon blows up the toilet in his hotel room with a stick of dynamite, followed by setting off fire extinguishers, then taking the huge birthday cake and starting a massive food fight. The hotel manager call Sheriff’s deputies to have the party shut down. When Moon sees the police, he turns to run away and slips on a piece of cake, breaking one of his two front teeth. Still running from the police, the drummer jumps into the nearest car (allegedly either a Cadillac or Lincoln Continental) and ends up driving the car into the hotel swimming pool. The incident goes down in infamy, becoming a part of Moon’s legend, as well as earning The Who a lifetime ban from the Holiday Inn and a $50,000 bill for damages.


On this day in music history: April 12, 1965 - “Dance Party”, the third album by Martha & The Vandellas is released. Produced by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland and William “Mickey” Stevenson, it is recorded at Motown Studio A in Detroit, MI from Mid - Late 1964. The third full length release from the Motown vocal trio consists mostly of uptempo dance tracks. The album includes several of the groups best known and loved songs including “Dancing In The Street” (#2 Pop), “Nowhere To Run” (#8 Pop, #5 R&B), “Wild One” (#34 Pop, #11 R&B) and fan favorite “Motoring” (also released as the B-side of “Nowhere To Run). The album has been in and out of print over the years, being released on CD in the mid 80’s in the US, then again during 90’s as a UK import (paired as 2-fer CD with their 1966 album Watchout!), and in 2008 by Lilith Records. Most recently, "Dance Party” was reissued on vinyl by audiophile label Speakers Corner in 2009, marking the first time that it has been available in the format since the early 80’s. “Dance Party” peaks at number one hundred thirty-nine on the Billboard Top 200.


On this day in music history: November 8, 1965 - “Beach Boys’ Party!”, the tenth album by The Beach Boys is released. Produced by Brian Wilson, it is recorded at Western Recorders in Hollywood, CA from September 8 - 27, 1965. The album consists of cover versions of some of the bands’ favorite songs, and is recorded when Capitol Records demands a new album for release during the Christmas holiday season. In order to appease their label and “get them off of our backs”, it is completed in just three weeks, as Wilson and the band are also working on the “Pet Sounds” album at the same time. The non LP single “The Little Girl I Once Knew” is issued simultaneously but stalls at #20 on the Hot 100. DJ’s begin playing their cover of The Regents “Barbara Ann” off of the album, stoking demand for its release as a single. It peaks at #2 in early 1966. The album is released in mono and in “Duophonic” re-channeled stereo by Capitol. Originally released on CD in 1989 (mono version), it is remastered and reissued in 1994. “Party!” is also reissued on vinyl in 2000, with another CD remaster in 2012 (HDCD encoded). It finally receives true stereo mixes by Mark Linett and Alan Boyd, which released as a hybrid SACD and vinyl LP (mono only) by Analogue Productions in 2015, featuring both the new stereo mixes and the original mono mix. To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of its release in 2015, Capitol/UMe issue the album as a two CD and double vinyl LP expanded edition titled “Beach Boys’ Party! Uncovered And Unplugged”. Containing eighty-one tracks, it features the original album, numerous outtakes and selections from the five sessions recorded during September of 1965. “Beach Boys’ Party!” peaks at number six on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

STELLA - model: Stella Maxwell - photography: Giampaolo Sgura - fashion editor: Pedro Sales - hair: Franco Gobbi - makeup: Fulvia Farolfi - Vogue Brasil May 2017

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