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I'm a one year CCC transfer. Majoring in political science and aiming for Cal and UCLA. So far I have a 4.0 but I need to clarify this: I have 22.5 completed units, 15.9 units in AP credit, and taking 20 this sem. Can I use pe classes I took in HS at CCC for the UC transferable unit count? Also, I took 3 units worth of pe last semester P/NP. Can I include those? UC Berkeley requires HIST 120 (can take over summer so will be taking that only then) so would that go into my count towards 60 units?

If I can use UC-transferable courses I completed during middle school to count towards my 60 units, you can certainly use UC-transferable courses you completed in high school. Verify with your community college that the PE courses you took are indeed UC-transferable, and you should be okay. Just remember that the UC system grants a maximum of 4 semester units for physical education activity courses and allows a maximum of 14 semester units for UC-transferable courses taken for P/NP

The 60 units you need to transfer apply to all UC-transferable courses you’ve taken up to the spring semester prior to transfer, so the HIST 120 course you’re planning to take this summer will not count towards your 60 units. However, UC Berkeley will still grant you subject credit for completing HIST 120 in the summer. Based on the number of semester units you have now (assuming the PE courses are UC-transferable), you’re in the clear. 

- Jimmy

Water drop by The U.S. Army
Via Flickr:
Members of the Utah Army National Guard 2-211 Aviation Battalion assist in fighting fires in northern Utah, Aug. 12, 2013. The National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk dropped more than 8,500 gallons of water in one day on two separate fires in northern Utah. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tim Chacon)


Countess Emilia Plater

This Polish bad ass raised her own military unit, made up of roughly 280 infantry units,  60 cavalry and several hundred peasants armed with war scythes to fight in the November 1830 Uprising. This revolutionary was told to go home, but she didn’t listen and even said that she had no intention of taking off her uniform until her fatherland was fully liberated. Although she died from illness during the uprising, she became the symbol for the Polish Uprising against the Russians.

The Challenge and Progress of Homosexual Law Reform

The Challenge and Progress of Homosexual Law Reform analyzed the current state of legal reform regarding homosexuality in the U.S. and England. Published by the Council on Religion and the Homosexual, Daughters of Bilitis, Society for Individual Rights, and Tavern Guild of San Francisco, 1968