60 seconds sunggyu


Infinite (22/?) Sunggyu 60 Seconds Live

60 seconds is enough for this story,
you have entered my heart
I don’t doubt that you have taken me in this not-so-short time
That’s the kind of person you are, a story that’s enough for me
I don’t need a reason
You made my heart flutter and you made me find you that first time

be the light; songs to cry to 

001. Be The Light (Block B) 002. Heaven (Ailee) 003. Haru Haru (Big Bang) 004. Pray (Sunny Hill) 005. I Remember (Bang Yongguk) 006. Missing You (2ne1) 007. Climax (Team B) 008. 0330 (U-Kiss) 009. Gone (Jin) 010. Fiction (Beast) 011. Dear Mom (SNSD) 012. Please Don’t (K.Will) 013. Beautiful Goodbye (F(x)) 014. Miracles in December (EXO) 015. Touch (Miss A) 016. Oh Mom (T.O.P) 017. Cleansing Cream (Brown Eyed Girls) 018. Time (Woohyun) 019. One Way Love (Hyorin) 020. Selene 6.23 (SHINee) 021. Fairytale Love (Apink) 022. Because I Don’t Know How To Love (FT Island) 023. 60 Seconds (Sunggyu) 024. If You Loved Me (Zia and Lee Hae Ri)

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[ENG SUB] 140603 SBS Mtv THE SHOW - 60 Seconds Interview Cut