60 seconds

Happy Arrow Day! Also to a wonderful person (aka: @diggo26)  who has a birthday coming up here’s an early present! 

Have a great Wednesday fandom and here’s hoping the last 60 seconds doesn’t completely kill us! 

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reaching the last minuet of the project!!!!

i have gotten so far on the project and im reaching the finish line, i have been able to start including OCs for a bit and wanted to inform  that i have used or will be using every reff that has been sent to me!

im really happy achieving such a mile stone and i think after so long waiting (and just a little it more to go, i wanted to inform you all!

List of those officially in the in the project:

@ask-binary2-7 @ask-brilliant-verve @ask-bryant-the-rpg-pony @ask-chain-rattle @ask-creative-callie @ask-keystar @asklittleember @ask-mystery-pony @ask-nora-the-alicorn @askponyaiko @ask-rainrunner @ask-soprano-and-the-misfits @askspigel @askspiritrootsandthetree @ask-suey-suicide-pony-blog @ask-the-hippocampa-merponies @ask-twizilla @assassinpony1234 @daddybron @deathgamemaster @emo-lover@ethereal-mist-arts @fimficveyron @hxrmn @ifadeu337 @k-o-d-e-x @lilyokami @loadingscreendxdirectorscut  @blackoasis @askteambrony-mod @Psychopaths-of-equus @ray10k @shut-up-and-take-my-likes @snowynyaz-reblogs @Spirit-spark @sugarbooty1 @tehepicdusk @thund3rda5h @undertheroses @vocalgamer360 

List of those soon to be included:

@ask-a-colt-and-his-fox @ask-baby-the-reindeer @ask-hydeart @asklittlebat @ask-luciavampire @ask-sexy-solaris @kessy-doggo @levin-blogs @little-red-rabbit @magical-ponies @moon-wolfie @nemovonsilver @shattereddiscord @specklesthetinynerdhorse @staticthepegasus @testerslab @yes-this-is-me-deadpool

i appreciate everyones patience this has certainly had quite a few delays but after last week i feel like im back on track and excited to finish this project!

hope everyone’s  week is fantastic