60 pounds of wool

when I was in high school, I took IB which was very set on preparing us for college and formal paper writing. in Theory of Knowledge (epistemology), we had to submit our papers with a cover page that was just the title and subtitle. my parents are very cheap about ink/toner and so am I. I considered this a waste. In silent retaliation, I would only print my TOK papers in the school computer lab and I kept making the title size larger and larger. I planned to make it take up the entire page by my final paper (which would have actually been sent to the international program centre for evaluation iirc) but I dropped out due to my depression before then. I think I got up to 60pt. My teacher and classmates eventually noticed and found it funny.

This has nothing to do with Sixty Pounds of Wool, I was just reminded of it.

EDIT: my bad, I just checked and I only got up to 48pt. Forgive me making the fish bigger in the telling, but in my defence it contrasted with the other guys’ papers which was usually 16pt at most.