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The voice actors of Prompto, Ignis, and Noctis from FFXV, along with the voice of Luxu from KH 2.8 singing/beatboxing “Stand By Me” from today’s stream.

Sodapop Headcanons

Holy cow my other one of these got a lot of notes wtf okay. Well I made those really late at night when I couldn’t sleep and now it’s also really late at night and I can’t sleep so,,, Take these please

- Wears clothes that are a few sizes too big for him to bed

- most of the time it’s old shirts Darry can’t wear anymore because they have holes or stains

- Also wears super fuzzy socks almost all the time but mostly in winter


- Has one of those really cheesy notebooks with horses all over them. He almost never writes in it, he just got it for the cover.

- After Darry and Ponyboy got their shit together with each other, anytime after that he saw Darry chewing Pony out for something really dumb, he would hit him over the head with a newspaper.

- Or any other nonlethal weapon he could find.

- He doesn’t just rub Darry’s back when he pulls a muscle, oh no- he rubs e v e r y o n e ’ s back.

- Steve is always hunching over to fix cars and making his back sore, so Soda has to often fix that.

- For Johnny it’s nice and soothing shoulder rubs or smooth, calming back rubs whenever he’s really upset or needs to calm down.


- So Soda’ll rub his shoulders or something behind the couch when Dally’s there.

- But only when no one is around because he thinks it’s embarrassing.

- Whenever Ponyboy is laying on his stomach looking all peaceful Soda will do those really aggressive karate-chop massages to scare him awake.

- Not too hard tho just hard enough to scare the shit out of them.

- Two-Bit let’s him give him a back rubs sometimes, and he makes it seem like he’s just doing it for the funnies but he’s actually enjoying himself and it helps him relax.

- He has Golden Massage Powers™

- And remember when Pony said Soda can put anyone asleep when he sets his mind do it?
- He CAN and WILL.

- He hums a lot too.

- He’s not real good at it, but he isn’t bad at it, and sometimes can hit a really nice note, but just does it for fun.

- Will pet every dog/cat he sees walking down the street.


“Julie, sensing my nerves, took hold of my hand and held it throughout the session. It must have taken her days to recover the use of it afterwards, I had squeezed so hard. No matter how diligently I’d slugged away at my lessons, I was still untrained as a singer.”

In Spite of Myself: A Memoir By Christopher Plummer

Midnight Haze

BTS + EXO x reader (+WINNER)

Overall Warnings: angst, SEXUAL THEMES, POSSIBLE NON CONTENT, gore, prostitution, kidnapping, drugging - if you’re uncomfortable with ANY of these themes please avoid reading!

BTS/EXO gang!au

BTS visuals - EXO visuals

word count: 3,221

Being a recently turned 18 year-old, you lived on your own in a dingy apartment after moving out of home which consisted of just you and your 25 year-old abusive older sister after your mother’s undiscovered disappearance, that fell months after your 16th birthday. Your father walked out years before, with no explanation on your behalf, leaving you parent-less for what you’d consider to be most of your life. When you take a turn down a highway you’d never seen before, how will the rest of your life unfold?


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Zenryoku Batankyu English Lyrics

Compared to Hanamaru Pippi’s multiple interpretations, this one’s obviously just about the show, haha. It has a few 60s references, which I’ll note in the Translation notes. 

Full Power Snooze
Zenryoku Batankyu
Artist: AOP; Lyrics: Anju Ikenami; Composition: Anju Ikenami, Tatsuro Ariki

taihen go tabou oniisan
Oh no! You busy young man

chikyuu achikochi guruguru
Spinning all around the world

ganmen se-fu ni go youshin
Remember, faces are out of bounds☆

seishun hana fubuki
Springtime of youth; falling cherry blossoms whirl

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AGE: 30
CHARGE(S): Second Degree Criminal Trespass, 60-day sentence
ADD. NOTES: Worked at a dept. store; is married; suspicious lack of background info on him. Can apparently sew pretty well; Is always laced-up, which scares people; Best beat-boxer; Best source of pod information.

AGE: 23
CHARGE(S): Third Degree Assault, 1 year sentence
ADD. NOTES: Former combat medic; was studying law at Columbia University; has family in London, England; Gets himself into a LOT of unnecessary fights; Has a phenomenal R&B voice; Keeps a sketchbook on him, draws mostly turtles; Regularly complains about the fact that jails don’t provide drinks.

AGE: 19
CHARGE(S): Resisting Arrest, 60-day sentence
ADD. NOTES: Immigrated from Nevis at age 17; First LT in the US army (under Major General Washington**); has no known living relatives. Uses an extensive vocabulary; Talks too much; Has an amazing girlfriend; Spends most of his time reading/writing; Free-styles like nobody’s business.

CHARGE(S): Fourth Degree Criminal Mischief (Vandalism), 1 year sentence
ADD. NOTES: Immigrated from France last year; knows only basic English but learns quick; worked at a local bakery. Is a surprisingly fast rapper; Always goes out of his way to celebrate on July 4th; Shows impressive strategic skills; Seems pretty chill most of the time.

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heres the offical video of me eating that tumblr post for 60 notes 

THIS IS A PSA: don’t repost stuff

so my video got reposted on instagram yep I made an account to tell them this You’ll rarely see me this angry; actually, I’m not so angered but rather just shocked;

I didn’t even get notified they were going to repost it there and I read comments about how some people hate this ship and it feels ridiculous because well??? it wasn’t meant for you? you steal my video and talk hate about my fav ship why are you doing this I’m confused

There were people who enjoyed it too but you know? the original post got like 60 notes okay it did get support from lots of lovely people and I feel so happy from it but I would have appreciated it if these people here actually came to my account and told me about it I would have been very happy but if you do this, I never know and first of all you just took my stuff. Something I sat down and worked days on.. it’s something that I wanted to share and enjoy with people yes but I won’t get any feedbacks or be able to interact with people about this if you just repost it like this do you not see the problem

DON’T, DO THIS. please respect me;; I am not asking for much; why didn’t you ask me, why didn’t credit me anywhere either, just why..?; I’m sure the person who reposted this did it because they liked my works, why didn’t you come tell me about it then?; This is sad. If you want me to make more things, support me where I’m at, say hi or come leave nice comments, I jump up and down with happiness every time it happens and sometimes I would even willingly draw for you if we become friends. Treat me well, I try to treat others well too. I think I’m not asking too much by telling you this. I’m being pretty reasonable. Tell me when you want to share my things somewhere and ask my permission because it’s mine.


Muahaha, lets do some commissions!!!

You can contact me through email: Maykirkpatrick@gmail.com

  • Sketch pages: 1-4 sketches per page
  • 7+ USD per sketch
  • Flat Color
  • Bust- 15+ $
  • Full Body- 35+$
  • Full Color
  • Bust- 25+
  • Full Body- 60+

Things to note:

-Prices shown are baseline, and can go up depending on design complexity, added characters, or other additions.
-I ask for half payment once I have a initial sketch to show, and full payment before I send the finished image.
-I am willing to draw most things, and reserve the right to decline any request.


“Go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!” trio [60%]

On a side note I wanted them all to smile and have their fist in the air but I’m not sure anymore what I want them to do haha… And since I just wanted to draw Shouto’s boots I’ll edit this to 3 fullbodies (I have no idea how i’ll deal with all 6 feet positions - R.I.P.). Yes, I went through all of this just cause I wanted to draw boots! (don’t even try to think why the heck…)

Also I apologize to all Bakugou’s fans but I draw from left to the right, even though I’m left handed (and on a side note I can hardly deal with his spiky hair and I have no idea what he should do with his arms)… T wT
I wanna be done asap but I’m really struggling because my old laptop can’t deal with the real size of this monster (over 7000cm and more than 60 layers so far).

I will be adding an individual version for each once this is done, as well as an edited wallpaper version~
If you want real size of these you can ask and if it’s for use you shall ask for my permission as well thank you~

My playlist for this fanart:

This is how i feel about finishing this fanart cause i just started it on a whim and i actually sacrifice some sleep time for it <_>