60 gallons

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Hc that Virgil collects fish, he has a huge 60 gallon fish tank full of angel fish and sharks and anenomes and stuff and he likes sitting infront of it at night and watching the colours shift and form, furthermore his first fish was a gift from Logan "because watching fish swim releases endorphins and relaxes you, i thought you might like to try it out,"


I love this so much.

the signs as shit my DnD group has said

Aries: "all aboard the i fucking suck at this train!“
Taurus: "am i proficient in whisky bottles?”
Gemini: "back in my day, crying was a free action.“
Cancer: "i’m gonna start making people do Nature checks for finding drugs in the woods.”
Leo: "can i roll a Strength check to punch you in the stomach and make you get sick?“
Virgo: "i got kicked out by proxy.”
Libra: "you’re not fucked, but you’re fucked adjacent.“
Scorpio: "if tieflings were able to make the sound that a kettle makes when it boils, that’s the sound i’d be making right now.”
Sagittarius: "can you knock ghosts prone?“
Capricorn: "meanwhile, back in the dungeon, Terri still doesn’t believe in feminism.”
Aquarius: "welcome to the sixth circle of tree hell.“
Pisces: "we now have a baker’s dozen of weed brownies and 60 gallons of ice cream in the Bag of Holding.”

hey if you’re in the path of a hurricane or at risk of losing access to water, plastic storage tubs can be used to hold it. don’t fill them up all the way though bc they’ll bend with the weight of too much.

you can also disinfect your bathtub thoroughly & fill it if you have one. an average bathtub can hold 60 gallons. you won’t regret having too much water on hand during a storm.


Storm prep. Tonight we are expecting severe thunderstorms and a high likelyhood of tornadoes associated with these storms. While I don’t think the storm shutters were vital, I have never used them before. I wanted to see how long it took to put them up (about 45 minutes for the whole house) and to make sure that all the components were present.

But before any storm which has the potential to knock out utilities for any length of time, ensure you have lighting. Candles are great. Tea candles are about $10 for a 100 on Amazon. Ensure you have flashlights. Drinking water can potentially become an issue. Before a bad storm or hurricane, clean out any bathtubs with a disinfectant spray and rinse thoroughly. Then fill with water. An average bathtub can hold 60 to 80 gallons of potable water which can be used for drinking, cooking, or sanitation. Charge all battery powered items…. cell phones, cameras, etc.

Hope the best but prepare for the worst.

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Is there any way to keep betta sororities without stressing the fish? Like lots of hides and plants in a larger tank? Thank you so much!

Hey, there. :)

No. Even if you think your fish aren’t stressed, they’re very likely still to be because we only see the visible signs of it when it’s extreme. I’ve seen sororities in large setups, like 60-75 gallons, completely fail. It didn’t matter that they were large, filled only with sisters, and had lots of hides – fish still suffered and died.

It’s just not worth putting your fishes’ health and lives at stake. Betta sororities only benefit the ego of the owner – not the fish themselves.

Here are some additional resources regarding why sororities are not recommended:

Hope this helps!

My friend just sent me this picture from my local thrift shop! There isn’t a gallonage on it, but I’m assuming it’s around 55-60 gallons (what do y'all think?)

Anyway, it’s an AMAZING deal:

-Two lighted hoods

-Two filters (though they aren’t great)

-the tank

-and the stand

ALL FOR $99!!!

wtf is that? I want it so bad, if only I had the money. 😢

Goldfish (Fancy and single tail) Care Sheet

Basic stats:

Difficulty: Moderate - Hard
Minimum tank size: Fancy (20 gallons per fish) Single tail (30 gallon pond or 10 gallons per inch of fish starting with a 30 gallon aquarium. THESE SHOULD BE POND FISH!)
Size: 8″-14″ 
PH: 6.5-8 
Temperature: Cold water 50-77′f 
Hardness: 5-25
Diet: Omnivore/ opportunistic scavenger 
Lifespan: 10-40 years (Fancy goldfish tend to live shorter lives but can still often reach their 20′s without issues if cared for)
Habitat: Asia


These fish are really pond fish. Fancies can be kept in tanks more easily requiring 20 gallons per fish. They’re social animals so should have at least one, and preferably 2 friends. So look into the 40 gallon to 60 gallon range for tanks. Filtration should be heavy but not strong. You want to look for a filter that is for double the tank size and have it cycled. They don’t require heaters and may even require a cooling system in the summer. Temperature variation is taken very well and has been known to be beneficial. You don’t need substrate and if you do use some slate or sand as best practice, they may eat and choke or become impacted on gravel. Algae and green water is very beneficial acting as plants in the tank and a grazing source.

Single tail goldfish grow massive! They’re really pond fish and should be treated as such. A standard 30 gallon pond form can house an adult common, comet or other single tail/long body variety. As you should have more I’d look into a 60-90 gallon form for a pair or trio of smaller ones. If you do house in tanks you want 10 gallons per inch of fish to allow for adiquite swimming space. If you plan to play size up start with no less than a 30 gallon, realize they will outgrow it fast. For an adult you’re looking at a 120-140 standard. You may be able to manage a pair in that. Custom tanks are good, you’re still looking at a big tank though! 3′x4′x18″ is the absolute minimum for a pair or maybe a trio in a custom. Out side of that all the same rules apply as with a fancy.


-Tank ranging from 30-120+ gallons
   -Or a 30+ gallon pond form

-No heater required! May need a chiller if in hot climate and can’t keep cool.
-A filter rated for twice the size of the tank or pond
-Substrate not required, a thin layer of pool filter, play or aquarium sand can be used if you want. Slate is also an option.
-Decor and hides not super needed. You can use natural decor, attempt plants or have pvc pipe though.
-Lighting is optional, if you plan to grow plants or algae an appropriate sized lamp will be needed.

Other non optional supplies/perishables:

-A liquid master test kit (Nutrafin or api)
-A water conditioner (prime, safe, stress coat are good brands)
-A bucket and syphon that hasn’t been used for anything else (water changers are nice if you have ponds on the ground or big tanks)
-A log to help with cycling and recording things.
-A high quality sinking goldfish or koi pellet.


Goldfish are scavengers and will always accept food if healthy. Feeding should be regulated. You can feed up to 4 times a day with each feeding being about two mouthfuls. They won’t suffer if you only feed once or twice though. Watch for overfeeding especially with fancies, they have a poor digestive system. 

Food staple should be a good high quality goldfish sinking pellet. Hikari has a good line. Omega one and new life spectrum also have good foods. Flakes are not appropriate. If floating pellets need to be used soak them so they sink before offering. You can supplement feedings with chopped frozen or blanched veggies, leafy greens, bits of fruit and frozen cubed foods. High fat diets are fine , they do best on a diet that is lower in protein though. 

Tank mates:

They really shouldn’t be kept with anything but other goldfish of the same type (Fancy or single tail) . Pleco are not good tank mates and will eat the slime coat off goldfish, algae is good for golds anyways. Cories with often end up in the gold fish’s mouth resulting in the death of both. All other catfish and pleco should be avoided. Actually just avoid all other fish, shrimp and snails. The only successful thing I’ve seen is full drown adult dojo/weather loaches with single tail golds. But even then, it’s not really worth it. 

Medical issues:

Single tails are prone to spine malformations, ich, velvet, flukes internal parisites and other external parasites, columnaris, and fungal infections. Most of these can be prevented by proper housing, diet and a quarantine period. Have melafix, pimafix, triple sulfa, fenbonazol, prazi and paragaurd on hand. It’s also good to have epsom salt and aquarium salt. 

Fancies are prone to all the above as well as digestive issues, swim bladder disorder and eye damage/popping (often caused by the pop eye bacteria). 



The above are two great sources you should give a read before you get a fish. Also show them your support!

Goldfish ID:

(Under cut because it’s really long and just for those interested. No pictures are mine)

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Cloudy with a chance of Dead Meats

Yesterday I shot some more green screen elements for Dead Meat, but the star of the day was the Lo-Fi Trumbull Cloud Tank.  Back before CG, but after Real Clouds, there was the Trumbull Cloud Tank.  Named after the guy who pioneered fish tank atmospheres for Close Encounters and Raiders of the Lost Ark, the tank is set up by layering fresh water on top of salt water, and then squirting different liquids into the water.  Ideally, the liquids form roiling layers of realistic (or surrealistic) clouds.

This is what the O.G. Cloud Tank looked like for Close Encounters:

Theirs was a 2,000 gallon tank with a mechanical arm.  Overkill, am I right?  I mean, anything more than 1,500 gallons and you’re just showboating.

I would be using a 60 gallon tank lent to me by C.H. Greenblatt and his dead fish.

It all starts with rock salt.  You need a cup and a half of rock salt for every two gallons of water that you want to magically turn into salt water.  And since we’ll be filling the tank up almost halfway with saltwater, it’s gonna take a lot of salt and a lot of time.

Or maybe I should buy more pots.  I dunno.  Anyway, once we had enough salt water, it was time to fill the rest of the tank with fresh water.

The plastic bag keeps the fresh water and salt water from touching each other.  I feel that plastic bags could, perhaps in the future, be used to keep people from touching.  But that’s an experiment for another day.

Lighting the tank was a little trickier than I anticipated, but I was lucky to have some help.  You can see the two layers of water in the photo above.  Once we saw the line, we were pretty excited.  We had bent nature to our will and nothing could stop us!

The only thing left to do was add some evaporated milk, ink, and of course, the secret ingredient…  Love.

Only Ralphs was out of Love, so we just used acrylic paint.

The whole thing turned out great and I got some cool, creepy skies for Dead Meat.  I’ll definitely do it again a few more times to get more footage.  There’s nothing quite like those first few plumes.

I was going to do another run today, but my refrigerator died this weekend and the repair guy showed up right before I started posting this.  Turns out he needs boiling water, a bucket, and towels.  So he’s got all of my tools tied up.  I think maybe he’s secretly delivering a baby in the crisper drawer.  If he asks for the evaporated milk, I’ll know for sure.

Thanks again to Skyler Kragt (Twitter: @kragtodile), Taylor Reneau (Twitter: @yesreneau  YouTube: yesreneau), and Scott Bartuska (Twitter: @scottbartuska) for all of their help.  Tweet them and let them know they’ve mastered cloud based technology.

Oh, and thanks also to C.H. Greenblatt, who has no internet presence at all.  So don’t bother tweeting him.

The post after this one is full of images taken from yesterday’s Cloud Tank shoot.  Enjoy them.  They’re all the exact size of a Facebook background image.  Weird, right?

The End (kind of)

With my decision to euthanize my last fancy tomorrow, the fancy goldfish hobby has come to an end for me after five and a half years. I still adore these fish but like some fellow fishblr folks (notably @goldfishdoctor), I’ve decided that enough is enough. One can only deal with so much disease and so many dead pets before wanting to transition to something else.

I’m not sure what will be happening with the 60 gallon after this; probably a slow transition to a tropical single species setup for some type of oddball fish. My goldfish-related Tumblr account, @fuckyeah-goldfish, will continue to exist for now.

Goodbye Leon (with me from 2012-2015), Antoine (2012-2016) and Sauron (2013-2016). :(

L.A. council OKs law limiting homeless people's belongings to what can fit in a trash bin
The Los Angeles City Council approved a law Wednesday to rein in the tent-and-tarpaulin encampments whose dramatic spread has raised the political stakes of handling one of the nation's worst homeless crises.
By Los Angeles Times

The ordinance – a revised version of the law known as 56.11 that was adopted in June – limits storage on sidewalks, parkways and alleys citywide to what homeless people can fit in a 60-gallon container, about the size of a city recycling or trash bin.

The measure passed on a 13-1 vote, with Councilman Gil Cedillo opposing.

The council backed off even stricter rules that would have limited homeless people to what they could carry in a backpack, if the city provided storage for other belongings. But the law allows the city to clamp down in this way in the future.

Under the law, homeless people can be cited or arrested on a misdemeanor charge for failing to clear the sidewalks or failing to take down their tents between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Under the new measure, the city can impound homeless people’s “excess personal property” after providing 24 hours’ notice. The measure defines that as “personal property that cumulatively exceeds the amount of property that could fit in a 60-gallon container with the lid closed.”

The city will store these items for 90 days, during which time the owners can claim them. But they cannot evade further confiscation by moving the items to another public area, the ordinance says.

With no advance warning, the city can seize and impound a tent that has not been taken down during the day.


Firestone “Double Barrel Ale (DBA)”

90 A-

This English pale ale blends one batch that was brewed in traditional stainless steel, then adds 20% of a different batch that was aged in 60-gallon oak barrels (I would love to try this 100% oak brew).

Aromas are like toasted bread, caramel drizzled biscuits, with distinctly English herbal hop notes. On the palate, bubbly carbonation plays off the tongue while caramel washes over roasted, bready malts. Herbal hops quickly rise, transitioning into flavors of red apple, oranges, and other fine earthy notes added from the oak. Malts soon taste like whole grains with a raw, husky quality. The finish is somewhat dry, leaving with a light touch of bitterness. There’s a proportionate bitter-sweetness which I find very agreeable. Mouthfeel is crisp yet smooth, soft on the edges with a lighthearted body.

Double Barrel is an everyday ale that drinks great, and is perfectly suitable for any occasion. I say this is a malt-forward ale, because it’s not that bitter, but it’s not that sweet either. So it ends up being a little sweet up front, fruity in the middle, then leaves with earth tones toward the finish. English pale ales have greater malt complexity than Americans, and I personally find the English hops to be a welcome shift from the typical citrus-focused varieties we’ve all grown accustomed to in the states. When you consider this in the context of the pale ale, this is a solid brew. Although this is unlikely to turn heads, I recommend it.


30 IBU

Paso Robles, California

What causes pH swings? How do I change my pH? What the heck is “hard” water?

                                       pH, GH, & KH

These three things are often overlooked by the Aquarist. Knowing your levels and knowing the basic chemistry can prevent future aquatic life losses in regards to pH. 

pH measures how acidic or basic something is. pH 7 is neutral, pH 1 - pH 6.9 is acidic, while pH 7.1 through pH 14 is Alkaline/basic. 

A pH drop indicates an increase of Hydrogen cations [H+] - making the water more acidic. 

Reversely, a pH increase would mean an increase of hydroxide anions [OH -] or Hydroxil ions - making the water more alkaline/basic. 

The presence of these + -  ions is how we measure the pH of our water.

GH aka General Hardness or Total Hardness, measures the total other minerals in the water such as Magnesium, Sodium ,Sulfur , Chlorine, Potassium, etc….

High GH corresponds to what’s called “Hard” water. Hard water fishes need more minerals like Magnesium which helps with their breathing, immunity, and bone growth. Hard water also absorbs heavy metals thus reducing toxicity of them in water.

Low GH has low mineral content and is “Soft” water. Care must be taken when dosing with medications such as copper as they are more easily absorbed by the fish. Soft water fish don’t need as many minerals and thus it’s harder for them to adjust to hard water. It’s easier for hard water fish to adjust to soft, however.  

KH is the measure of bicarbonate and carbonate ions in water-Carbonate Hardness. These prevent the pH from budging at all. 

It’s a pH stabilizer

So when someone says “whats your water hardness” likely they mean KH because a stable KH is important to a stable aquarium pH. 

A drop in KH, or KH+GH together means a swing in pH. But for kicks and giggles give them all three values. 

Things that can cause + or - pH swings…

  • Excessive Fertilizer. Broken Down Urea molecules = slightly acidic , Broken Down Ammonia molecules = slightly alkaline compounds : nitrifying bacteria lower the kH slightly 
  • Excessive CO2 - Carbon Dioxide being absorbed into the water or injected in the water…lowers kH and therefore pH
  • Plant processes (They give out Hydrogen ions or Hydroxil ions depending on what they absorb) most of the time they lower the kH potentially causing swings if water top offs aren’t preformed
  • any excessive acidic intake or any excessive alkaline intake…adding buffers or different substrates, marine salt , etc
  • R/O reverse osmosis water which has a neutral pH and no minerals whatsoever
  • Lack of water top offs and water changes to replace any loss of kH…
  • Chemicals. Chemicals leaking from decorations or dropped accidentally in the water…some medications

How do I change my pH and keep it there?

Increasing or lowering the pH and keeping it stable can be tricky. The easiest and most preferred way to change your pH is to change your water source to one with preferable levels. 

It’s not wise to only add pH changing chemicals (ie pH Up or pH Down) to a water source that already has a low kH value. The water will shift dramatically and potentially kill the fish.

To Raise pH: Increase KH or GH+KH by using Aquarium buffers and if needed coral substrate or marine salt or even egg shells. The buffers will keep the water from shifting.There are many kinds of buffers to suit your desired pH level. 

To Lower pH: A lot more complicated. To lower pH you must lower the mineral content in the water. 
You could try using chemical buffers+CO2 dosing, peat moss, etc …. Though that is very dangerous and must be done with extreme caution Every Time you add new water to the tank. It’s very difficult to control!!!

Frankly the safest and easiest way to do it is through the use of R/O - reverse osmosis water.

R/O water + slight buffer would need to be introduced to the tank water very slowly to gradually reduce the pH.  After some time you would be completely converted to R/O water + kH buffers as your only water source. You have to add the buffering minerals back into the water!  If you don’t have an R/O unit of your own this can be costly, about 60 cents per gallon of water! 


All wildlife can only tolerate small swings of pH. There are some animals that cannot handle any change at all. 

Most fish and aquatic plants however are able to adapt to a wide range of pH levels and most are already happily acclimated to water in your local area at the fish store. Most of the time no pH change is necessary. 

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS drip acclimate your new fish. The bagging method is not enough if your parameters are vastly different from the fish’s natural habitat and/or from the fish store water. Drip acclimation DIY instructions are everywhere and a simple one can be made by tying a knot on a spare airline. 

Well Water that is run through a water softener may have the magnesium+calcium ions that are converted into SODIUM ions. This will kill plants & some fish that are salt sensitive.  Change your water source in this case if needed.