60 gallons

the signs as shit my DnD group has said

Aries: "all aboard the i fucking suck at this train!“
Taurus: "am i proficient in whisky bottles?”
Gemini: "back in my day, crying was a free action.“
Cancer: "i’m gonna start making people do Nature checks for finding drugs in the woods.”
Leo: "can i roll a Strength check to punch you in the stomach and make you get sick?“
Virgo: "i got kicked out by proxy.”
Libra: "you’re not fucked, but you’re fucked adjacent.“
Scorpio: "if tieflings were able to make the sound that a kettle makes when it boils, that’s the sound i’d be making right now.”
Sagittarius: "can you knock ghosts prone?“
Capricorn: "meanwhile, back in the dungeon, Terri still doesn’t believe in feminism.”
Aquarius: "welcome to the sixth circle of tree hell.“
Pisces: "we now have a baker’s dozen of weed brownies and 60 gallons of ice cream in the Bag of Holding.”

The End (kind of)

With my decision to euthanize my last fancy tomorrow, the fancy goldfish hobby has come to an end for me after five and a half years. I still adore these fish but like some fellow fishblr folks (notably @goldfishdoctor), I’ve decided that enough is enough. One can only deal with so much disease and so many dead pets before wanting to transition to something else.

I’m not sure what will be happening with the 60 gallon after this; probably a slow transition to a tropical single species setup for some type of oddball fish. My goldfish-related Tumblr account, @fuckyeah-goldfish, will continue to exist for now.

Goodbye Leon (with me from 2012-2015), Antoine (2012-2016) and Sauron (2013-2016). :(


Storm prep. Tonight we are expecting severe thunderstorms and a high likelyhood of tornadoes associated with these storms. While I don’t think the storm shutters were vital, I have never used them before. I wanted to see how long it took to put them up (about 45 minutes for the whole house) and to make sure that all the components were present.

But before any storm which has the potential to knock out utilities for any length of time, ensure you have lighting. Candles are great. Tea candles are about $10 for a 100 on Amazon. Ensure you have flashlights. Drinking water can potentially become an issue. Before a bad storm or hurricane, clean out any bathtubs with a disinfectant spray and rinse thoroughly. Then fill with water. An average bathtub can hold 60 to 80 gallons of potable water which can be used for drinking, cooking, or sanitation. Charge all battery powered items…. cell phones, cameras, etc.

Hope the best but prepare for the worst.


The Weird And Wonderful Gas Stations Of Iraq (Yes, Gas Stations)

The 70-mile Stretch of dusty highway connecting Kirkuk to Sulaymaniyah in Northern Iraq looks like any other road in the world—except for the 70-plus gas stations lining the shoulder. Some look more like a temple. Or have gold-plated pillars. Or brandish a snappy set of Kurdish flags.

In a country with 140 billion barrels of crude oil reserve, pretty much anyone can start a gas station. Some families own a bunch. The economics of the business push prices as low as $1.60 per gallon. And everyone along Sulaimani-Kirkuk Road is selling pretty much the same stuff. So the filling stations have had to find some way to set themselves apart. The answer will be familiar to anyone who studies deer antlers or peacock plumage: It’s all about the ornaments.

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L.A. council OKs law limiting homeless people's belongings to what can fit in a trash bin
The Los Angeles City Council approved a law Wednesday to rein in the tent-and-tarpaulin encampments whose dramatic spread has raised the political stakes of handling one of the nation's worst homeless crises.
By Los Angeles Times

The ordinance – a revised version of the law known as 56.11 that was adopted in June – limits storage on sidewalks, parkways and alleys citywide to what homeless people can fit in a 60-gallon container, about the size of a city recycling or trash bin.

The measure passed on a 13-1 vote, with Councilman Gil Cedillo opposing.

The council backed off even stricter rules that would have limited homeless people to what they could carry in a backpack, if the city provided storage for other belongings. But the law allows the city to clamp down in this way in the future.

Under the law, homeless people can be cited or arrested on a misdemeanor charge for failing to clear the sidewalks or failing to take down their tents between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Under the new measure, the city can impound homeless people’s “excess personal property” after providing 24 hours’ notice. The measure defines that as “personal property that cumulatively exceeds the amount of property that could fit in a 60-gallon container with the lid closed.”

The city will store these items for 90 days, during which time the owners can claim them. But they cannot evade further confiscation by moving the items to another public area, the ordinance says.

With no advance warning, the city can seize and impound a tent that has not been taken down during the day.


ichijoukenichiro not the greatest photos but I managed to get it set up all in one piece! No water yet, need to sort my filtration system out first (it’s in a box beside the tank). I can’t wait to get it cycled and transfer my fish into it.

This aquarium is seriously huuuuge, it looked big in the store but now that it’s home it just looks so epic and glorious. I got an amazing deal for the tank and the stand combined so I’m glad I decided to save for a larger aquarium instead of just upgrading by a few gallons. I’ll definitely post more pictures when there’s more going on in it!