6.9 earthquake

UNITED STATES, Napa : Nicholas George looks under a buckled highway just outside of Napa, California after earthquake struck the area in the early hours of August 24, 2014. California’s governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency Sunday following a strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake that seriously injured three people including a child and ignited fires in the scenic Napa valley wine region. The US Geological Service said that the quake was the most powerful to hit the San Francisco Bay area since the 1989 6.9-magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake. AFP PHOTO/JOSH EDELSON

anonymous asked:

Part 1. Hi flockof.Today I feel more down about SC than ever. I'm thinking maybe S and the blonde have been not serious about each other until now. Maybe S wants to reveal her properly but scared of upsetting shippers and startsending shipper stuff.

Part 2.Plus the fact that MM and S both started following her fav football team yesterday plus online last night and this morning. And the start of liking each b others IG stuff.Ihate feeling like this but I think SC aren’t dating but Sam and MM are.

I rode out the 6.9 magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake in my backyard when I was 12. It’s gonna take more than a few IG likes to shake me, sweetcheeks. I don’t care if Sam and MM are a couple. She doesn’t interest me in the slightest as a human being and neither does the thought of the two of them together. What does interest me is the bone-deep, consistently displayed, oft-talked about by those who know them best, worthy-of-deceit connection between Sam and Caitriona. I’m not here for the rest of it because it pales in comparison, significance and frequency, and I’m not one to put my money on a weak-ass horse.