6.9 billion

Mystic Messenger was released in July/August of 2016. In April 2016, the top 5 wealthiest people in South Korea were (exchange rates calculated 7/27/17): 

1) Lee Kun-Hee: ₩14.1 billion/$12.6 billion  

2) Suh Kyung-Bae: ₩9.4 billion/$8.4 billion

3) Jay Y. Lee: ₩6.9 billion/$6.2 billion

4) Kwon Hyuk-Bin: ₩5.5 billion/$4.9 billion

5) Chung Mong-Koo: ₩5.3 billion/$4.8 billion

Since Jaehee says that Chairman Han is in the top 5, he’s likely not the richest person, but he’s definitely a multi-billionaire. 

These numbers fluctuate quite a bit (Lee Kun-Hee is now worth ₩18.8 billion/$16.8 billion, a huge increase). If we assume the mysme universe is similar to our own in terms of wealth, around the time of release, Chairman Han himself was probably worth between ₩9.4 billion - ₩5.3 billion, or $8.4 billion - $4.8 billion. 

tl;dr Jumin Han is one hell of a trust fund kid.

Happy 4/20!

I met up with a few friends today for a preparty, one of who I had yet to come out to. We stopped by the mall for food stuff. I got tacos, they got A&W.

Me: Hey, wanna hear something interesting? I used to order the Papa Burger, but from now on I’m ordering the Mama Burger.
Them: Is that.. a metaphor for something?
Me: Yeah.

So that makes 5 people I’ve come out to. Only 6.9 billion to go.

“But the fact is, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, cuz there are 7 billion people on this earth, and even if 6.9 billion out of the 7 billion people on this earth think you’re weird, there are literally a hundred million other people that love you, for you.

Just thought I had to caption this because I loved this video a lot. @chrisoflyng

The Spooktacular Numbers Behind Halloween In The United States 

This year, 157 million Americans are going to celebrate Halloween, down on last year’s 162 million, according to the National Retail Federation. The spending behind Halloween is going to be truly spooktacular, as ever, with total spending across the United States expected to hit $6.9 billion. Read more >

Dear all Swifties and other people who read

I’m sure you’ve already thought about this but let me make you feel special right now ok? But as you know it we live on planet Earth which is one of the planets in our solar system which is in our Milky Way Galaxy. And in that Galaxy is obviously us but there are many different planets and solar systems in our Galaxy and in those other solar systems are plants like or different from Earth. And you can search up many planets that are in our Galaxy and yeah there’s a lot there’s millions of stars that are literally 6.9 billion times larger than our sun ok and there are so many planets that are similar to Earth but are smaller or larger and possibly containing life. Let’s take this up notch shall we? Ok so if you look up at the beautiful night sky and looks to seem as there’s no limit to it right? But let’s take a small patch of this seemingly infinite sky and in that small patch there’re millions of other galaxies that are HUGE or smaller compared to ours. And in those galaxies are millions more solar systems that contain planets that are very similar to our solar system’s plants and that’s just in a small patch of the sky so let’s expand that patch and there’s billions of more galaxies and planets and stars and together that all look beautiful but instead you yes you are here you have you our DNA coding different than any other organism in this whole entire universe and remember how many galaxies are in a small patch of the sky? Yeah your pretty fucking unique and pretty fucking important. The choices you’ve made make you YOU you really shouldn’t regret the decisions you’ve made unless it’s the obvious decisions like murdering or stealing then yeah you should probably regret those haha. But again you are here on earth out of the trillions of planets in this Galaxy but you are here you make this world unique and on this Earth is another person who makes this world unique also and her name is Taylor Alison Swift. She’s the only one Taylor Alison Swift in this world she’s make millions of us happy every day and her words or wisdom makes us feel special and makes us better everyday and there’s only one of her so thank you swifties and who ever reads this for making us feel special. And thank you @taylorswift for everything you’ve done for us and thank you for making us happy through music and words. Thank you for telling me through your clean speeches that being different or being happy is better than being cool thank you for changing my life drastically I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU and Thank You Swifties and who ever reads this❤️❤️❤️