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Monster Hooks Recovery Hooks From Diesel Ops

Why Monster Hooks?


When your thinking recovery hooks there is one choice, Monster Hooks! Monster Hooks are the safest and strongest in the business. Exactly how strong is a Monster Hook?

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Weighing in at a staggering 25lbs , Made from 1-piece forged chromoly steel and Rated at over 40,000lbs with a break load rating of 93,000lbs, its easy easy to see where the name “Monster Hook” comes from. Whether your using a mini hook, a regular hook or the new swivel hook, Monster Hooks will never let you down. Their size makes them the easiest to use, no more fighting with your straps trying to make them fit into your D-ring or shackle. Monster hooks are not only tough, rugged and useful; They look great and are available in a variety of colors including red, chrome, powder coat black and many more. Big, Strong, Long lasting and Easy to use, everything you want in a recovery hook. Monster Hooks.


  • Allows for larger straps to be used
  • Easy on / off operations
  • 3″ safety latch for added safety
  • Ability to use multiple straps of different sizes
  • Made to last