This is an interesting car. It’s listed as a 1927 Bentley 6.5 litre Limousine by H.J. Mulliner but it appears to have Weymann material body panels . Wheelbases went up to 152 inches and power was 147 bhp. Apparently Freestone and Webb made a prototype Weymann style Tourer as well . This car appears to have a supercharger at the front although I can’t find mention of it in my source. It also has a Washington licence plate at the rear.

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Hey mama! Curious what the first thing you ate/drank after Rowdy was born was? Xoxo

i had a 2ltr green smoothie before labour and then sushi and rice paper rolls and then when he came out (2:30am) i had bananas within 30minutes (while we were having skin to skin time) i was starving and needed to replenish my energy. i drank lemon water all the way through the labour, probably like 5-6 litres i reckon we had a cold filtered water on tap and a sippy cup which was held up to my mouth every few minutes by my partner and family . i was one sweaty hard working mumma pushing him out! and when i got home at 6am i downed a half a watermelon then went to bed for a few hours!