Monday - Jun 25

I’m sad, I got a bad grade on my speech…even though I saw it coming. I don’t wanna do the persuasive speech next week and impromptu, so 2 next week. 

Group 4 speeches are pretty boring. But some parts of some people’s speeches were funny. The dude pulled out a hat made out of construction paper on top of a granny hat. I thought he was suppose to be a wizard. This girl said ‘thirsty’ and i wanted to start laughing cus i kept thinking about the swoozie video “cinderella so thirsty”. Yeh class was boring today though. 

After class we went to the gym and then went to Irving for lunch. We parked and then this car came out of his driveway and the dude was blasting Lies by Big Bang and we were like hahah. Then we walked a few blocks and saw that car again and it was still that song and we were like hahah again. 

We went to the Kevin pho place and I had vermacelli and we were trying to figure out what that chicken broth tasting thing is for, i just mixed it with the sauce in the noodles. Maybe i was really hungry but i actually finished it really fast! Usually i take really long to eat but i beat my sister this time. u_u  We went to Ichiban…i dont know why. But my sister saw her friend and they talked for like 40 minutes omfg i pretty much looked at every item in the store waiting for her. Ask me about a product and i will tell you where it is and how much it is. jk dont.  Then i realized i could’ve asked Denise to come out and hangout with me but then i was like oh i have to go home and pick classes, i should’ve thought of that earlier. I just ditched my sister and I went to Teaway. 

We were almost home and we were like oo we should pick mommy up. But she had to do some stuff so we took a while. Then i was like wait wtfff i needa go home! I got home 3 minutes before my reg time. Took me forever to get on cus it kept crashing, but i got my classes. :D