6.15 the french mistake


“The French Mistake” Season 6, Episode 15

This episode is my happy place. I laugh the entire time I watch it. If I’m sad, the French mistake it is!

so… apparently while i was doing my rewatch last summer, i made NO posts about Appointment in Samarra. Which is kinda obnoxious since I need to write that one now.

I’m just going to toss it, French Mistake, and My Heart Will Go On up tomorrow to “watch” while I’m doing my holiday candy making. Maybe Frontierland.

(gods, season 6 is SO WEIRD)


PaleyFest “The French Mistake” outtakes

Haha favorite part = “A twailer!”

Misha Collins’ Favorite Episodes

“The French Mistake” (season 6, episode 15) and “Everybody Hates Hitler” (season 8, episode 13)

Most fans remember Collins’ great tweeting moment in “The French Mistake,” but Collins’ second favorite pick is a season 8 installment that tells the story of a Rabbi, his golem, and, well, Hitler. Although we ranked it at No. 118, the title alone makes it a rather memorable hour. x