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Florence & the Machine - What the Water Gave Me - NEW SONG! (live @ the Greek Theater - 6.12.2011)

Florence & the Machine perform “What the Water Gave Me” (a new song from their upcoming album) for the first time live at the Greek Theater.
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Dear Tyreill,

You are amazing. Seriously. I know you think your problem with pornography makes you less than stellar, but it doesn’t. You know why? Because you had the courage to tell me. You didn’t keep it a secret from me. You took the manly route. And it’s no longer just your problem, it’s our problem. We’re going to tackle this together because that’s what couples do. They face problems together.

I cannot wait to be back in your arms. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to have your arms wrapped around me, keeping me safe and warm. It kills me. I know that love is much more that physical affection but dog on is it noticed when its missing!

Thank you for being you. Thank you for always being honest with me. Thank you for having conversations with me that would be awkward if they were had with anyone else. Thank you for pushing me to express myself.

I love you always,