WOD 6.10.2011

I got to class early…around 6:40 to warm up on the jump rope and stretch.  PT was right I was going to hurt today…and I knew we were doing mega squats so I wanted to loosen up before we started breaking parallel…it definitely helps and frankly doesn’t take the eternity that I always associate with stretching.  Silly Rabbit…

Warm up: 5 variations of squatting with a 150m run in between each variation

Wall Ball- It was like gym class!  Two teams, we each did 10 wall balls, fastest team won…we lost twice.  I apologized before we even started. ha

Medball Cleans - I used the 10# ball so I could easily concentrate on my form.  I tend to cave in my right knee which leads to pain…so I focused on concentrating on knees out.
Sets of 3

Met Con - Rx 9:35…counting rounds = still a challenge
10 rounds for time:
10 reverse lunges, 45#/25#
10 Sit-ups